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After reading our tips for digital marketing and articles about design are you ready to make a change? Then let’s get to it. Alt Media Studios’ in-house team can help with email marketing and branding, fine-tuning your company’s social media plan, and boosting your website’s SEO and conversion rates. Our paid advertising specialists bring new visitors to your site while web design experts ensure a top-notch user experience. Skilled graphic designers work with our video marketing team to then showcase the best of your company to potential clients. Mix in some engaging written content and you’ve got a comprehensive take on digital marketing for absolutely every business out there. Reach out to learn more!


    Expectations for SEO

    A lot of people have the wrong expectations about what SEO is and what results it will produce. Find out what the SEO process involves and why you might need to adjust how you think about results.

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  • Sea of light stick figures with red stick figure in the middle, raising its hand

    5 MUST-DO SEO Tactics for Every Small Business

    An article about the 5 essential steps that every small business should take in creating a presence on the web.

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  • Small business storefront

    Why Local Businesses Need Online Marketing

    A recent Inc.com article gave plenty of statistics indicating the need for all businesses (even small/local businesses) to invest in online marketing.

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  • Mashup of "Google Panda" with Kungfu Panda, with thought bubble that says "I ATE SPAM for breakfast"

    Google Update: Panda 4.0 and What You Need To Know.

    Google recently released an update under the guise of Panda 4.0 to improve Search Engine Results Page user experience. Here's what you need to know about this update.

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  • Internet Explorer logo slashed, alongside words "Friends don't let friends use IE!" with Firefox, Chrome, & Safari logos underneath

    Microsoft Rushes to Fix Browser After Attacks

    Over the weekend, Microsoft Corp rushed to fix a bug in the popular web browser, Internet Explorer, after being informed by a security firm that “Hackers may have already exploited it in attacks on some U.S. Companies.”.

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  • Heartbleed

    Does the 'Heartbleed' bug affect Alt Media Studios customers?

    Here at Alt Media Studios, we don't care too much for bugs. Software bugs, bed bugs, bugs the CIA might have placed in our office - we don't approve of any of them. So when we heard about the "Heartbleed" bug that has affected many major websites we wanted to check if any of our customers who host websites with us were affected.

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  • Puzzle pieces of digital marketing terms, with large missing puzzle piece that says "SEO"

    SEO Seminar presented by Alt Media Studios

    On January 9th 2014, our Lead Developer Steve DiFranco gave a presentation about the "Do's and Don'ts" of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. We had an opportunity to meet a good number of you at the seminar that was put on by the Better Business Bureau and answer a few of your questions.

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  • Mobile device icon

    Mobile Web Use has Doubled Since 2009

    Smartphones are becoming the new norm for accessing the internet. The multipurpose "smartphone" is replacing the old-school one-trick-phones and this change is influencing how Americans view the web. As such, business web pages need to change as well. Here are some things to consider for your business web page and why you should have a mobile version.

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  • Notes on tablet that say "ONLINE MARKETING" with branching off words: "SEO", "Content", & "Lists"

    Email Leads the Way in Internet Marketing

    With so many different Internet marketing options, which one will provide the best return for your company?

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  • Digital marketing term word bubble

    Update: How Valuable are META Keywords?

    A few months ago we posted an article that referenced Google's initiative to begin ignoring the META keyword tag. Within the past few months, we've received an update from Bing regarding their views of the META keyword tag.

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  • Google logo with letters "s", "e", "o" in the open bubbles

    How valuable are META keywords?

    If you've ever been advised about building or optimizing your website, you've likely heard about META data and the need for them. Well, things have changed on the Internet (big surprise) and you should be aware of the current value of META keywords.

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  • Word "Scams" that is crossed out with large red X

    Scam Alert!

    We have received several questions regarding an alleged bill which many businesses have been receiving in the mail from DNS Services. THIS IS NOT LEGITIMATE!

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  • Two people looking at mobile website on smart phone

    A future with fewer mobile apps?

    How many apps do you have on your smartphone? If that's an unwieldy number today, expect it to slim down considerably in the future.

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  • Google Apps

    Google Apps Authorized Reseller

    Alt Media Studios has recently been authorized by Google as a support provider for Google Apps!

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  • Trending Arrow

    2011 Internet Trends

    A great article relating to the trends on the Internet from 2011.

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  • Trending downward arrow overlaid on image of dollar bills

    Has the Current Economic Situation in Northeast Ohio Shaken Consumer Trust?

    We are proud to announce that one of our long-time customers, Rachel Daniel of Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc., will complete her doctorate at CASE's Weatherhead School of Management this coming May. She is currently conducting research to address the issue of trust in Northeast Ohio's industries and firms. We believe the subject of her dissertation "trust" is extremely important to our region's economy and to small businesses.

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  • Custom Facebook Plugin for a website

    New Custom Facebook Plugin

    Facebook provides an API which allows developers to customize websites based on Facebook data. Today we developed a custom plug-in for one of our customers, displaying their Facebook wall directly on their website.

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  • Better Business Bureau Logo

    BBB "Get Noticed" Program

    This week we became the first web development firm to join the Cleveland BBB "Get Noticed" Program.

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  • Google Apps logo

    "Google Account Already Exists" in Google Apps

    Google Apps is amazing, but if you are setting up your administrator account and there is an existing Google Account for that username, you may be stuck as we were. Here's how to resolve your problem.

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  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business logo

    Alt Media Studios Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

    Alt Media Studios announced today that it has received Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation.

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