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Let us help you to tell your brand's story in a way that attracts potential customers.

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Brand Design Services

  • Define your business’ image
  • Appeal to your company’s audience
  • Build strength with continuity

While these are a few main reasons why a business should spend meaningful effort on brand design, there are so many more. In fact there are enough reasons to focus on branding that you just might want to talk to an expert about it.

Hi there––we’re Alt Media Studios, and we’re here to help.

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What Is Brand Design?

From the design of your business cards to the social media icons on your website, every single piece of imagery that greets potential customers communicates something about your company.

That’s true for printed media and written copy too–it all tells your story.

Brand design helps you to tell that story in a way that’s relatable and that attracts the folks who will become your customers. It also works to keep that relationship strong and adds value to what you offer.

Who Needs Brand Design?

If you have a business, you need a brand.

A solid brand speaks for you. It communicates who you and your business are to potential customers who you’ll probably never get to meet in person.

Maybe you have an established business but you’re looking to attract a new audience or reposition your company’s outlook; that can all be conveyed through rebranding. The next leap is from knowing you need a brand, to harnessing all the moving parts required to build it.

Why Invest in Brand Design?

To put it simply, good branding equals authenticity. And more often than not it’s being real that gets you noticed and helps potential clients relate on an organic level.

A well-designed brand that’s cohesive across digital, print, and social platforms builds recognition, and that builds relationships. Connection leads to increased conversions and a solid ROI–two vital steps to making your business a success.

That kind of engagement can’t be bought or sold, but it’s achieved through a consistent investment in work done by the right digital marketing agency.

What guides your branding efforts is likely intangible–an emotion, philosophy, or experience. You can put words down, but to convey your “why” you’ll need an expert who can draw on design principles to marry function, form, and feel.

Alt Media Studios Makes the Process Easy

With a diverse mix of design services to choose from, we’re ready to take on any brand-related project.

Whether you need an infographic, digital or print materials, a mobile-responsive website, or an entire redesign, our team is ready to get your company’s brand sorted.

Meet and Greet

Before we can tell your story, we need to know you. We’ll discover your brand fundamentals, performing a full review and evaluation of your company’s needs. We’ll also ask interview-style questions to learn more about your history and what sets your company apart.

Analyze and Plan

We can do independent research and analysis to better understand your company’s current position in the industry. We’ll then plot a course of action that will get you where you want to be.

Design and Create

Now that we know you, your goals, and how to reach them, we can get started on design. From your logo and website to print materials and blog articles, we’ll work to build a cohesive picture of you and your business. Our thoughtful development process ensures that details aren’t an afterthought–they build the storyline.

Approve and Launch

From piece-by-piece approval to okaying the final product, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We’ll do some final testing to make sure everything works well and lives up to your (and our) expectations. Once you’ve given the green light, we can reveal your brand to the world.

At every step along the way, our designers work with you to make sure that they both capture and convey the very essence of your brand.

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Alt Media Studios: Cleveland, Ohio’s Brand Design Pros

Here at AMST, we’re passionate about getting brand design right and exceeding expectations. This is about showing the world who you and your company are, so we don’t take it lightly. You shouldn’t either.

But handling brand design on top of running a business could be too much to ask. After all, everyone has their specialty. So if you would like expert input on how to build a brand identity that is both relatable and unique, give us a call.

Brand design is the beginning, but we have so much to offer. Get in touch to learn more!

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