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Graphic Design Services

Every business is looking to make a lasting impression. Stellar graphic design work can get you there.

Graphic Design

Graphics are a fundamental part of your brand’s design––in one glance, a potential customer can learn a lot about your company.

So it makes sense that you’d turn to a skilled professional to distill your ideas and your company’s essence into a visually-appealing, easily digested format. This isn’t the time for low-quality images and second-rate animation. You need a visual communicator who understands your business and can use their skills to position your company just where you want it to be.

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What Is Graphic Design?

A skilled graphic designer with all the requisite technical skills can use fonts, shapes, colors, images, animation and more to communicate something about your company to your audience. The goal is to create recognition and cohesion across every visual aspect of your brand.

Our graphic design pros combine their deep knowledge of art, design, and technology to help you make better use of text and images when communicating with your customers.

Why Use Graphic Design Services?

If you’re just starting a business, there are unending design choices to make, and each one could be vital to your company’s recognition and ultimate success. Or maybe you already have a great business with fantastic service but have a hard time gaining traction.

No matter the situation, you want to be sure that your logo is conveying all it should, that your website is up to modern design standards, and that social media posts make the most of visual exposure. These are basic necessities that every business needs to help attract and grow a customer base. Working with a skilled graphic designer will ensure that those visual elements of your business are top-notch and out front.

Alt Media Studios Streamlines Graphic Design

Whatever we’re crafting for you, every design starts with research and consultation. Once we’ve met with you, discussed preferences and intentions and made suggestions based on our findings and expertise, we get to work. Pencil sketches are taken virtual and illustrated in a digital format–our design work is always custom. Colors, images, text style, and layout are added. From there, the design is refined and we’ll produce several variations for you to choose from.

For visual or audio images for product illustrations or a new or revamped website the process is much the same. We’ll either draft something original or we may use available resources that we tailor for your business. Once we have a working draft, we’ll get your approval, make final edits, and then implement the shiny new design.

Along the way we’ll be sure to keep communication flowing so that we accurately convey the message you want your audience to see. Our design experts will use specialized digital tools to achieve the best results and are always ready to think creatively.

Custom Logo Design

The first thing people should notice when they interact with your website or printed marketing materials is your logo. It's a visual cue for both current and potential customers that helps them to recognize and remember your company.

Custom Designed Printed Marketing Materials

We can design business cards, stationery, letterhead, envelopes or product brochures for everyday use, and postcard mailers, flyer handouts, counter signage, and posters for a special event or trade show. Ensure consistency across every piece.

Print Advertising

Draw a throughline from your logo, to your website, right on to advertisements you take out in printed materials. Get the design right the first time with custom print ad services, whether it’s in a catalogue, trade magazine, restaurant menu, newspaper ad, or other printed applications.

Image Editing and Customization

Nearly all graphic design projects include images, but some lean more heavily than others. This could include 3D designs and infographics, among other needs.

Product and Merchandise Design

Take graphic design from the digital into the physically tangible with custom apparel, bags and totes, and a host of desk-ready items that do the advertising for you. Get promotional gear for a tradeshow booth or to boost that team feel at events.

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Alt Media Studios: Graphic Design Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Every business is looking to make a lasting impression. Stellar graphic design work can get you there. But when combining colors, shapes, words, and motifs for that just-right outcome that both speaks for your business and to your customers, it’s best to have an expert on your side.

Combine graphic design services with brand design, web design, and all the other digital marketing skills we have fresh and on tap and you’ll be well on your way to attracting ideal customers and growing your business. Reach out today to learn more about AMST’s graphic design services and how they pair perfectly with our other digital marketing options.

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