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Web Development

  • Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms on the internet. If you’ve ever attempted the challenge yourself of building an ecommerce website that is both attractive and efficient in getting your customers what they want, when they want it, without hiccups, you know this can be tricky. Regardless of what you’re selling, it does you no good if your platform stands in the way of your customers completing the sale. This is where Shopify is especially useful. There are many different options and layers to ecommerce, and our team will present those options to you to help you make an informed decision on which route you’d like to take.

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  • Put simply, custom software development is the process of creating, designing, implementing, and maintaining custom software system(s) to help a business carry out its workflow as efficiently as possible.Some examples of this would include:

    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Customer relationships management (CRM)
    • Supply chain management (SCM)
    • Human resources management (HRM)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)

    So why invest in something you likely didn’t know existed until a few seconds ago? Well, how would you like to streamline your systems, synchronize your data, save time for you and your employees…all while saving money?

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  • “There’s an app for that!” It seems like you can say that for just about everything you want to get done these days, and never has this been more true in the world of web development. Unlike computer-based software programs, a custom web application runs on a remote server and is available to your team anywhere, at any time. Data is centrally stored and easily accessible so staff can stay aligned while updates, maintenance, and security are all enhanced.

    When you look in your device’s app store or browse the internet for apps and systems to make your life easier, there’s no denying that you have thousands of options…many of them for free. However, none of these apps will be tailored to your business, which means you will have to utilize a plethora of apps that only address a few of your needs and don’t actually work together. For a business that’s still in the very early “baby steps” phase, this may prove to be temporarily sufficient. But as you grow, you will likely see the benefit of investing in custom web application development to help you synchronize and streamline the workflow of your business. Our programming and tech experts use robust tools to craft an efficient and cost-saving web application that’s built just for your business needs.

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Digital Marketing

  • SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing everything about a website - including content relevance, link popularity, and technical configuration - with the goal of boosting a website’s rank in the search engines. Search engines work around the clock to help Internet users find what they’re looking for. Customers aren’t normally going to search page after page of results when they try to look for a product or service; statistics show they usually don’t go past the first five results.

    When you or your digital marketing team do their due diligence to incorporate SEO, your website is more likely to show up on the first page or two in the search engine results. The side of SEO most people are familiar with is keyword research, and while keyword ranking is extremely important, there’s quite a bit more that goes into implementing SEO.

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  • PPC, or “pay per click” is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays a fee every time someone clicks on one of their ads with the goal of converting them to a customer. When PPC is doing its job, it pays for itself and produces a profit. An example would be if you pay $5 for a click that results in a $500 sale; the profit far outweighs the price of the ad. Options for PPC advertising include the following:

    • PPC search ads
    • Display ads
    • Remarketing ads
    • Product listings
    • Targeted local ads
    • Mobile ads
    • Social media ads

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  • The purpose of email marketing is to utilize your company’s most valuable but underappreciated asset - your list of current customers who’ve opted to receive emails. Customers who have already purchased your products or services or have signed up for emails could need reorder reminders, especially if your services are seasonal. On the other hand, if your client base is wide, sending out regular emails on varied topics can help to spark engagement that you’d otherwise miss.

    With Alt Media Studios’ email marketing program, we’ll position you as the expert you are, and use a well-oiled email marketing program to share what you know with your client base.

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  • Brand design is the cohesive use of any piece of imagery that greets potential customers in a way that helps you to tell your company’s story with the goal of staying relatable and attracting business. This includes anything your business features across digital, printed, and social platforms. When a company has a consistent brand, business recognition is built, and business recognition builds relationships.

    With a diverse mix of design services to choose from, Alt Media Studios is ready to take on any brand-related project. After establishing a plan, our designers work with you every step along the way to make sure that they both capture and convey the very essence of your brand.

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  • Content marketing includes a meaningful strategy designed to help your business convey its message through written content, videography, graphic design, social media, and SEO. Original content is also one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your website.

    Branding and identity are crucial to the success of your business, and expert content marketing specialists take a comprehensive approach to both the visual and technical sides of things. The hardworking team at Alt Media Studios prides ourselves on versatility, innovation, and attention to detail.

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    Content writing is a specific niche of content marketing that covers any written material. A skilled content writer can combine key data points with finesse to draft writeups that both readers and search engines will deem relevant. This includes copywriting services such as emailed newsletters and printed materials all the way to blog articles covering FAQs, industry trends, company news, etc.

    At Alt Media Studios, we understand that writing isn’t every business owner’s forte; that’s where our team of experienced writers can save the day! They invest time into learning about your business and customers to provide custom content that will help you stand out from the rest.

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  • Social media marketing and management is the process of selecting which social media platforms where you want your business to have a presence, and using those platforms to advertise your business, share your company’s story and activities, and interact with others. Examples of different social media efforts include:

    • Custom Facebook pages complete with a cover image and regular updates
    • Regular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn posts
    • Regular Google Business updates
    • YouTube channel management and optimization
    • Sharing company news, fresh blog posts, and other timely information

    Advertising through social media is a great way to gain initial followers and expand into new territory so your message can reach your target audience and gain more business. At Alt Media Studios, we take care of social media marketing and social media management for customers every day, and we’re able to help your company use social media as an effective marketing tool.

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  • CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is the system or practice of building a website in a way that prompts visitors to take desired actions.. A “conversion” is any action that you desire a site visitor to take, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a service, clicking a link, etc. A purchase is the goal toward which every business owner ultimately strives. The hard part is finding ways to actually make those conversions happen. Think of CRO as implementing the understanding of what drives, stops, and persuades your users to become customers.

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  • We live in a world that is more visually driven than ever before. When was the last time you made an online purchase without getting the full visual lowdown on what the item will look like and how it will work when it arrives? You probably can’t remember. As helpful as pictures are for this purpose, videos are quickly becoming unmatched by any other digital marketing visual aid. In addition to telling stories about your product or service, video marketing also lends itself to helping you capitalize on customers’ online search activity. This can include company introduction videos, training videos, brand videos, product launch videos, and much more.

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  • Graphic designers are experts at using fonts, shapes, colors, images, animation, and other visual elements to communicate to your audience whatever it is you want them to know about your business or service, all while keeping it up to date with modern design standards. Whether we realize it or not, our eyes are much more easily drawn to websites and social media accounts that have a recognition and cohesion across every visual aspect of their brand. Accomplishing that kind of cohesiveness is not easy. This is where a skilled graphic designer with all the technical skills can really lend a hand.

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Improving your digital presence is an adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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