Hacking WordPress Websites with Ransomware

Spike in WordPress Hacks

A large number of WordPress sites are being hacked! Find out why Alt Media Studios web design is superior.

In this article from Ars Technica it was noted that a large number of websites that use the WordPress content management system are being hacked to deliver malicious software to the computers of site visitors. This means that if you visit one of these sites, your computer could become infected. The ransomware will encrypt your computer files and demand payment from you to restore the files. 

While you might think you are protected from this malicious software, only 2 of the leading 66 antivirus packages detected the compromised code.

Alt Media Studios does not use WordPress to build our sites because it has a history of hacking. Instead we build each site individually with custom code for each of our clients. We feel this is a more secure method because our code base is not public like WordPress. Our websites are also more customizable and even load faster because they are tailored exactly to what each customer's site needs. 

If your business currently uses the WordPress content management system, contact Alt Media Studios to get a quote for a custom designed, and more secure website. Your visitors will thank you.

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