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Collect the Right Data with Key Performance Indicators

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Every digital marketing action can be quantified, analyzed, and optimized to improve your business’ ROI.

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Conversion Rate Optimization: Real Talk for Real Results

Once visitors are on a site it’s vital to know what keeps them there, what they’re looking for, & what affects their purchasing habits. That’s where conversion rate optimization comes in.

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Tips for Digital Marketers: Identify Your Ideal Customers with Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers—people who happily purchase your goods or services and become loyal advocates of your brand.

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Growing Organically: How We Helped an Online Retailer See Record Sales

Read how one customer saw a 126% increase in annual sales revenue as a result of our web development and search engine optimization.

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Tips for Digital Marketers: Understanding Email Remarketing & Retargeting Ads

The two main forms of remarketing are email remarketing and retargeting ad campaigns. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two and discuss the benefits of each strategy.

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Building a Brand from Scratch

Our graphic design and web development teams worked together to help a new brand get started.

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How an SEO Review Resulted in an SEO Friendly Website

Calkins came to us for help primarily with their digital marketing efforts. We reviewed their website and were able to identify areas where their SEO could be improved.

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A Case Study: Exposing Common Scams in SEO & Digital Marketing

Unfortunately, one of our new clients was recently targeted by a digital marketing scheme. We’ll discuss her story, how our team intervened to help, and what you can learn from her experience.

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Why Should You Invest in Video Marketing?

We’re often asked whether video marketing is worth the investment and the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’, here’s why.

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How We Helped a Customer Make Urgent Updates When the Pandemic Hit

If your business has shifted online and you urgently need your website updated, or new capabilities added to your site to better accommodate your customers or your staff, we can help!

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Now is Not the Time to Reduce Digital Marketing Efforts 

With this sudden and completely unexpected loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conversations in business have quickly turned to, how can we drastically reduce our budget, while maximizing efficiency? How is this going to affect our digital marketing efforts?

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The Creswell at Playhouse Square: Modernizing a Brand

In life and business being part of a good team can take you further. This experience with one of our customers shows why partnering with a professional is so vital.

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Pronto Restaurant Insurance: The Evolution of a Brand

Alt Media Studios can help you design your brand and blend it seamlessly into your marketing campaign. Read how we did that for Pronto Restaurant Insurance.

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5 Ways Remarketing Ads Can Benefit Your Business

On average, only 2 to 3% of ecommerce site visitors actually complete a purchase. Remarketing ads are crucial to beating these odds.

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How Does Paid Online Advertising Work?

The internet is brimming with creative ways to drive customers to your business’ website.

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Why Should I Have A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Responsive web design automatically adjusts the layout based on the device’s screen size (resolution), image size, and scripting abilities.

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We Doubled the Number Of Organic Search Queries Ranking In the Top 10 On Google in One Month!

Does Paid Search Improve Organic Search Rankings? Yes, and we have the data to prove it!

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Print Marketing

Printed marketing material is a necessity for many businesses. We can design any kind of printed material you may need, from a business card and stationery to a series of product brochures.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Logo Design

If you are starting a new business or giving your company a brand refresh, we can design a logo that captures your audience.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Graphic Design

Professional, custom graphic design -- all done in-house with our team of graphic designers. We can help you with any of your graphic needs, no matter what size the job may be.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Video

Market researchers have proven that 58% of prospective customers view companies as being more trustworthy and engaged with their customers if they have videos on their website. Now is the the time to have video content on your website and social media.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Social Media Marketing

Communication is different than it used to be, and it will never be the same. Social media is far more than a trend; it has transformed the world. We can help leverage this technology for your company's benefit.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: Email Marketing

The best asset your company has is the list of current customers. Remarketing needs to be effective, but when it is, it allows your one-time customers to continue being your customers their entire lives.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: PPC

About 90% of traffic over the web begins by someone opening a search engine. This is the reason PPC, or pay-per click, marketing has become so imperative.

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How Alt Media Studios Can Help: SEO

Consumers expect instant results that provide all of these connections, and SEO, or search engine optimization, is what gives those consumers the best results. Proper SEO allows your brand to shine and give consumers precisely what they need and want.

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