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Alt Media Studios is proud to be a certified Google Partner.

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Alt Media Studios is proud to be Google Certified in web development and a Google Partner. What does that mean for your business?

What Does it Mean to be Google Certified?

Google knows what it takes for search results to be accurate and relevant and they're setting the standards that websites must reach in order to be visible and competitive on search engines. Developers need to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines in order for a website to be successful.  

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Google wants to see businesses succeed and offers free training in many specific areas of web development to refine skills and learn best practices that make for user-friendly online experiences, and to help make your website a valuable resource that's a step above the competition.

Developers can take Google Certification Exams to demonstrate existing knowledge of their field as well as what they've learned from their Google training. This combined skill set makes a developer a powerful asset for your business!

Google Certified Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing professionals can take Google's AdWords exam to confirm their proficiency in online advertising with Google AdWords. Companies that meet AdWords spend requirements and who can deliver sustained revenue and customer growth for their clients can earn Google Partner status. Being a Google Partner indicates a company's expertise and entitles them to host Google events, access to promotional offers in AdWords for clients to take advantage of, and direct contact with Google employees who can offer their expert advise as needed.

As a Google Partner with developers who are Google Certified in web development, Alt Media Studios is ready to help take your website to new heights!

Improving your digital presence is an adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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