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Avoid Shady SEO Tactics

Do you feel like the SEO tactics your website is using are outdated? Learn about some shady SEO tactics and why Alt Media Studios is different.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy has changed vastly over time, and even in the past few years, what once was accepted practice is now totally worthless. Learn about some tactics you might have heard other companies using, and why Alt Media Studios is different.



Some SEO companies offer to flood your website with new content to attract users. They claim that since new content is so important, Google will rank you higher just because it is fresh to your site. Many times, this content has been duplicated over and over again with just a few keywords replaced. They may also only provide you with blog posts as their entire SEO strategy.


We offer personalized, fresh, never duplicated content from our on staff content writer. Each piece is specifically tailored to your site and the people you are trying to reach. We even check to make sure that the content is not duplicated by using online content searches to verify that it doesn't exactly match anything already available in a search. Alt Media Studios offers a variety of content options as well as other SEO work so that we don't just focus on blogs but on the whole picture.



A while ago, Google would reward sites with higher rankings for using keywords as many times as possible on a website. This lead to websites that were stuffed with certain phrases that made reading very unnatural. Some SEO companies still use this tactic and try to stuff as many keywords as possible into a page's title tag and keyword field. This can sometimes lead to penalties from Google.


Our SEO experts use the recommended number of characters in each page's title tag, and avoid using the keyword tag at all if possible. Each page's tag is made with phrases that make sense to a user and avoid sounding unnatural or odd to a reader. This allows for a better user experience and avoids possible penalties from search engines.



You might have heard that some companies will guarantee you a certain ranking for specific keywords. They may also provide only your website ranking as a measure of success. Some companies also keep you in the dark regarding the number of people visiting your website and refuse to share your Google Analytics information with you.


We recognize that rankings are important to our clients, but while we strive for the best, we never guarantee a certain place on search engine results pages. We also recognize that keyword rankings aren't the only thing that determines SEO success. We share Google Analytics access with every client that wants it and watch for trends in traffic, and conversions on your website. 

Be on the lookout for companies using bad SEO practices so that you can protect your website and your wallet from a bad investment.

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