Working with Alt Media helps make the whole selling and managing process of ecommerce easier for you. If you need help setting up Shopify for the first time, or are finding that big-box options aren't tailoring your customer's experience the way you'd like, partner with Alt Media Studios. We're your Shopify Gurus - ready to take your business through the Shopify set up and management process.

Alt Media Studios: Your Official Shopify Gurus

Whether you're a new business just starting your online journey or you've already got an established website and following, ecommerce is a potential business progression that you don't want to ignore. 

We've all heard the phrase "Content is King," but if you think about it, what you really want is content you can monetize. 

Whether you're selling something concrete like merchandise or intellectual property such as your expertise, it does you no good if your platform stands in the way of your customers completing the sale. This is where Shopify comes in. 

What is Shopify?

A content management system that allows you to do ecommerce and empowers you to take orders or put products up for sale easily. 

What's In It For You? 

Legal Coverage: For one thing, it's a no-brainer way to stay on top of ecommerce regulations! Ecommerce laws and regulations change all the time. As a busy business owner, you may not have the time or mental bandwidth to do the constant research necessary to stay on top of the ins and outs of the ecommerce industry.  

Organization: Shopify keeps all your ecommerce, sales, orders, and shipping cogs in one place. Your Shopify Dashboard enables you to streamline managing your orders and shipping.

Advanced Functionality: Shopify also offers a comparatively inexpensive path to integrating essential ecommerce functions in ways that matter to you and the customer. For example, it's a payment gateway people recognize. You may not think about it, but when your checkout screens and processes look and feel familiar, you're more comfortable filling out the necessary sensitive information. Nothing kills a sale faster than scams and insecure information concerns. Other examples include cart abandonment email automation, inexpensive shipping, and label options. Shopify also integrates with other email apps, such as Mail Chimp, to send: thank you emails or re-targeting emails based on your customer's shopping behavior. 

Bookkeeping: Using Shopify simplifies keeping up with the bookkeeping from all your sales. You have one centralized POS rather than tracking income from multiple payment sources.

Partnering with Alt Media and Shopify

Working with Alt Media helps make the whole selling and managing process of ecommerce easier for you. Our Shopify expertise also gives you options regarding how deep into ecommerce you'd like to dive. For example, we can help you set up an entire Shopify site and connect it to your website and blog, or connect a "Buy" button to your existing site if you're just getting your feet wet. Bonus? Both options still give you access to the Shopify dashboard.  

Our Successes Are Our Client's Successes

Here are just a few ways we've created wins for our clients. 

Increased Conversion Rates: Customers are familiar with the usage of Shopify, and knowing they're making a legitimate purchase makes customers more likely to finish their orders. 

Increased Repeat Sales: Utilizing the email automation function and other re-targeting email abilities allows you to bring your customers back to your products again and again. 

Stretching Your Marketing Dollar: Shopify can be considered user-friendly, but it's more cost-effective when set up and managed by a developer/digital marketing agency. Your digital marketing team ensures you get the best of both worlds, the most custom Shopify experience at the most cost-effective price. 

Otherwise, you may find yourself purchasing many individual 3rd party apps trying to tailor their big-box options to you and your customers. Even worse, you can easily wind up missing options that would really benefit your business and paying for ones that you don’t really need. In addition to the annoying additional costs, you'll likely find that templates and drag & drop will only take you so far. 

Personalization and Training: A truly customized Shopify site also makes it easier for our clients to edit content, make changes, and add products. We'll even provide training to boot. 

Your business is as unique as you are, so you're bound to have more questions, and we're here to answer them. So reach out to the experts at Alt Media Studios today! 


Improving your digital presence is an adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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