Custom Enterprise Software Development

We’ve helped our customers find countless innovative ways to do business better.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Jargon and buzzwords are all-too-frequent parts of the marketing and tech worlds. This is especially true when they intersect. You hear “custom enterprise software” and are likely thrown back a decade or two. But truth be told, this is a technology that your business absolutely needs to be as efficient, effective, and streamlined as possible in today’s competitive market.

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Who Needs Custom Enterprise Software?

The underlying goal of enterprise software is to support and enable every role or responsibility within a company. Especially in larger organizations, lack of communication and other general inefficiencies can slow down progress and lead to costly mistakes. That’s why data gathering, storage, and access are at the heart of what enterprise software offers your company.

Business goals realized:

  • Simplified workflow 
  • Information sharing across departments
  • Efficient, data-rich customer interactions
  • Improved ecommerce operations

Once you start looking for an off-the-shelf option, you’ll find that for every need it meets, there will be a key factor it doesn’t include. That’s where a custom option comes into play and can end up being a game-changer. 

For operational solutions that are targeted specifically to your business, working with an enterprise software developer is a must. And the sky's the limit when it comes to solving even your trickiest day-to-day issues.

Why Build Custom Enterprise Software?

Unlike many readily-available software options that are housed in a central office or other location, modern enterprise software is custom fit to your company’s unique way of operating and is available anywhere, at any time. Data is made easily accessible so your team stays aligned. And because the technology behind custom enterprise software is proprietary, updates, maintenance, and security are all enhanced. 

How custom enterprise software can help your business:

  • Streamline. From payments to shipping and inventory management, business operations are consolidated and growth is in sight. 
  • Synchronize. Scheduling ease and data sharing reliability is increased, as are HR needs, payment solutions, and legal compliance.
  • Save money. Funds are dedicated to one specialized solution that integrates with existing systems.
  • Save time. Tedious and time-consuming tasks can be automated, giving employees time and energy to focus on more important work.

Have you already thought of a dozen ways to employ custom enterprise software in your company? We’re ready to hear them. We’ve helped our customers find countless innovative ways to do business better. Frontend, mobile, backend, cloud services, database, and CMS platforms – there’s no end to what we can incorporate in your custom software build.

Custom Enterprise Software – What to Know

Whether you need custom-built enterprise software to give you an overhead view of business operations, to simplify the customer’s experience, or to do both simultaneously, anything’s possible. But here’s the main point: regardless of how you use enterprise software solutions in your company, you’ll be contributing to ease of access and use for both customers and staff. 

Our expert programmers use robust tools to craft an efficient and cost-saving custom software solution that’s built for your specific business needs. And our proprietary design means that future changes are simple. 

Here’s our process:

Analyze and Plan. After we understand your company and needs, we’ll get to work setting design parameters and tactics. Once we know how current tools are failing, we’ll know how to build something better.

Research and Gather Data. We’ll be precise in our efforts to pinpoint ideal strategies and applications so that the enterprise software we create provides the best user experience. We will think through potential trouble spots and build in the solutions.

Build the Software. It’s time to code and get the technical side right – we’ll take care of everything. This is handled exclusively in-house, never offshored or exported.

Test the Design. Quality assurance is a key part of the process. We’ll run the software through a host of tests, looking out for unexpected errors or hiccups. This is the time to perfect the user experience.

Go Live. Once everything is in place and tests have proven the software’s efficacy, we’ll make it live – this is an exciting moment!

Once we’ve gone through our thorough and tested process and you get your hands on your brand new software, expect seamless operation across devices and thoughtfully integrated content management systems. 

Alt Media Studios: Cleveland’s Custom Enterprise Software Developer

A nimble, responsive framework is key to both practicality and efficiency, two goals of any company today. Maybe in the past you searched high and low but could only find off-the-shelf software that slowed you down. Well take heart – the modern solution lives here. 

At Alt Media Studios (AMST) our team of developers use in-house resources to custom design and build nuanced enterprise software for every business, in every sector, and for any need – basic to complex. Enterprise software is a forward-looking way to wrap up loose ends and get the most out of every process. Tap into our expertise and get started on a custom project today.

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