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If you have a business, you need a website.

That basic truth isn’t an overstatement, since most searching for products and services––especially local inquiries––is done online. If your webpage is outfitted for modern search engines and includes relevant written content, SEO work, and videos, it will naturally grab search engines’ attention and end up in front of potential customers’ eyes. And when they do check it out, that first visual impression will speak to the type of company you run and the type of customer you’re looking to attract.

On the other hand, a website that’s less than great could end up becoming a liability that hampers growth.

Gone are the days when a basic website was all you needed.

Today’s websites need to be robust, yet responsive, data-rich but easy to navigate and access––no matter your customers’ device or site preferences. They need to appear effortless and streamlined, but that takes some complex maneuvering behind the scenes.


Today, over 50% of your customers are doing their web-browsing on a mobile device. And that’s not always out of choice––less and less folks have easy access to a computer. Their mobile browsing experience can determine whether or not they will make a purchase and promote your business to others.

Have you visited your website on your own mobile device? If not, it could be enlightening. This is no longer a fringe category of folks to appeal to. Besides making access easier for clients you already have, a responsive website allows you to reach a wider audience, since mobile-friendly sites naturally rank higher on Google Search results.

Alt Media Studios Makes the Process Easy

As with any other digital marketing services we offer, we’ve developed a process that works for us and our clients.

We’ll first confer with you on what sort of look you’re going for, using your provided examples as inspiration for your eventual website. Just about anything is possible––your time or budgeting parameters will dictate our efforts. We’re always upfront on what exactly will be possible, and will always set realistic expectations.

Once we’ve pulled in respective experts and drawn up a plan, we’ll get to work building and present you with the final version. After you’ve approved the design, layout, and functionality, we’ll run some final tests and make it live.

Alt Media Studios: Cleveland Web Designers and Developers

Alt Media Studios is a versatile web design agency that adapts to the needs of each customer. Our custom web design packages are perfect for any business, no matter the size or location.

Although we're based in Cleveland, Ohio, we work with businesses all across the country, in countless sectors. We’re committed to delivering top-notch products at affordable prices––there’s no compromising here. We also provide ongoing hosting and maintenance should you want to switch things up in the future. We’re in it for the long haul, and we’re ready to help your business grow.

Get in touch to learn how a website developed by the AMST team can set your 

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