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Benefits of Custom Enterprise Software

At Alt Media Studios we specialize in creating nuanced, tech-based solutions for common business problems. Custom enterprise software is software that’s created from a holistic perspective of the users’ needs to produce a comprehensive solution. Read on to see some of the benefits of custom enterprise software.

Benefits of Custom Enterprise Software

If you’re a business owner, you know that things like poor communication and general inefficiencies don’t only slow down your company’s progress but lead to costly mistakes. To mitigate these mistakes, you may opt for an off-the-shelf application. The problem with one-size-fits-all solutions is that one size never fits all. For every one of your needs they meet, there will be a key factor that isn’t included. This is where custom enterprise software can be a real game changer for you and your company.

Custom enterprise software is software that’s created from a holistic perspective of the users’ needs to produce a comprehensive solution. The goal of enterprise software is to support every role or responsibility within a company by simplifying workflow and enabling features such as information-sharing across departments, efficient customer interactions, and smooth ecommerce operations. 

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Sound like a word salad? Let’s get a more specific breakdown of just a few of the benefits:



“Scalable” is a beautiful word to any business owner. Custom software designs are very scalable, meaning they can adjust an application’s scope and functions to suit your needs. Let’s say your business experiences a sudden burst of growth that needs to expand across diverse markets; with custom designed software, new features can easily be added or removed to support this change. This simply isn’t possible with conventional software applications.

An example of this would be a computer program such as a word processor. You have the option to buy a license for a word processor, but you’re restricted to their applications and features. If you have your own word processor, you have the capability to build in lots of personalized features that you and your users will find helpful.

This scalability can also be tapped into your tech infrastructure. Unlike traditional software apps that have system requirements to function, custom software applications can be designed to utilize the full potential of your existing infrastructure. This means you and the scope of your software can expand seamlessly as you grow!



If things aren’t the way they were five years ago, that means they will change again in another 5 years. The way we consume information continues to change, and sticking to older methods and expecting your consumers to do the same just won’t fly. Systems are becoming obsolete at the speed of light, and this is our new norm. 

So how do we keep up? Custom enterprise software is designed to be future-proof and functional in tandem with changes in both the digital world and business world.


Long Term Cost

Have you ever opted for what seemed to be a cheaper solution only to find out you spent more money in the long run? Let’s face it - we’ve all done it. This can be said when you opt for licensed software that includes features that won’t be used or serve no purpose to your business. You’re paying for those features whether you use them or not, so this almost always ends up being more expensive at the end of the day. 

With custom software, only features that are relevant to your business and meet you and your consumers’ needs are developed. While this may require a higher up-front cost, it’s definitely the more cost-effective way to go as time passes. Your business is committed for the long-run, so your expenses should match that plan!



As technology develops, so do the tactics of online hackers. Businesses cannot afford to have cracks in their security measures. The more popular software applications are, the more widespread their usage is. Hackers are able to get to know popular software and its vulnerabilities to form a plan to exploit it. 

So what’s different about custom software? Simply put, custom software has been designed for very niched purposes instead of a broad spectrum of needs and users. This greatly reduces the risk of attacks and other security threats. 

At Alt Media Studios (AMST) we specialize in creating nuanced, tech-based solutions for common business problems. Learn more about our master plan for custom enterprise software and get in touch with us today so we can get started on your custom project! 

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