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How Alt Media Can Help with Domain Hosting & Renewal

Whether your website crashes, or domain hosting issues threaten business, the time to find a partner for everything web-based is now, well before it becomes an issue.

Trust Alt Media as Your Partner: Domain Hosting & Domain Renewal

You’re a business owner and you just found out that your domain hosting company is shutting down your website, email, everything.

After the disbelief and shock subside, panic sets in as you realize that your customers can’t access their accounts on your site and internal communications just regressed decades. Who would you turn to for help?

This is no small matter, and it happens to our clients from time to time. While we’d love to custom design a snazzy website with a premium domain to fit every client’s brand and goals, that’s just not reality for some. And we’re ok with that. But even more important than website design, is website hosting. You need to be able to trust that come what may, your website will be available 24/7 for clients and employees alike.

Clearly, not every web hosting company can handle that. But Alt Media can. And for our client who experienced the above worst-case, we were able to get their site moved over to our servers and also set up a brand new custom payment system so users could pay their bills online. The best part? We did all this in just one week.

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How Can You Reduce Website Hosting Costs?

Whether your website crashes, or domain hosting issues threaten business, the time to find a partner for everything web-based is now, well before the crucible. Get in touch with the Alt Media team to learn more and request a custom quote.

If A Domain Expires, How Much Should Domain Renewal Cost?

Your website’s domain hosting company just charged you $12,000 for a .cars domain.

Wait, what? Yeah, this is a wild one.

So you’re just going about daily business and quickly realize that your website, email, payment systems, and everything else related to your site are out of commission. Now, clearly, that’s an issue, but what does it mean? Put simply, your domain expired and the hosting company pulled the plug.

That won’t do, so you call the domain hosting company to handle it. While you’re on the phone attempting to renew your website’s domain, obviously stressed out and hoping for a quick resolution, the customer service rep somehow talks you into signing up for a $12,000 .cars domain name.

While this was probably the rep’s up-sell of a lifetime, a hyper-specific domain created for the auto industry is totally unnecessary for your business. You just wanted to get your site back up and running!

On its face, this whole scenario rings scam alert bells. Unfortunately, a customer of ours who was managing their own site got caught in this trap. Clearly they were duped––we’re just glad that they turned to us for help. We quickly got their domain and site moved from this large and generally reputable registrar.

But we still can’t help shaking our heads. This sort of scam is just one more reason we invite clients to rely on us for their domain hosting needs. Put simply, we will never, ever, try to upsell you like this rep did. We’ll definitely make educated suggestions based on results we’ve seen for other clients, but we’d never push you into anything. So if a client does find themselves in a real-life situation like this with another company, we hope they turn to us to help declutter and simplify their site management.

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What To Do After A Domain Expires?

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll want and need to get your website up and running again, but what should you do after a domain expires? No matter your web-based questions, it’s vital to have a reliable resource to turn to in your hour of need.

If you've ever wondered about your company’s domain name––how much does it cost to renew a domain name? do domains need to be renewed? how much should domain renewal cost?––then reach out to one of the team members at Alt Media Studios. Expect nothing less than stellar customer support when you need us. That’s who Alt Media is––your trusted partner.

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