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Case Study: Custom Enterprise Software Streamlines Online Document Generation.

EZERISA Plan needed a website and marketing services that could handle their complex needs.

Alt Media Studios can handle complex systems and niche nuances


With document production as their main function, the client needed a system to efficiently create legal compliance documents for employers to distribute to their employees. The vision was clear - the required data should be accessed and entered on a simple, manageable screen in a way that eliminates unnecessary duplication of code and complexity on the backend.


From the start, we knew the software needed to be designed in a way that was simple, user friendly, and allowed for extensive flexibility in order to reduce labor and stress each time changes need to be made.


When users enter their data, the process is straightforward and logical to mitigate the extra work from documents that require significant amounts of data to be entered. 

Considering how documents may need to evolve, the software has a built-in versioning system for the documents that makes changes needed by the employers or by the client’s plan as seamless as possible without requiring re-entry of all the data. Any data that is entered by users gets plugged into the document to then be presented for download as a PDF file. 

Since the client handles a lot of legal documents, measures were implemented to prevent illegal use of the documents and unauthorized use of the system. 

The client also wanted to allow multiple users to manage the documents, so we built in multi-user management to the software to enable partners to resell documents. This feature allows partners to manage their users, as well as track the amount of money brought in for proper commission tracking.


Much time was invested in planning for what the future might hold for the client,, and we’re happy to say that this planning paid off as they are now able to have changes made with ease, add new documents onto the existing framework, and allow multiple levels of users to manage their data. AMST also benefited by eliminating a lot of complexity on the backend, which pays off when documents have to be added.

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