Desktop site for Liberty Home Mortgage as redesigned by Alt Media Studios

Case Study: Website Redesign Leads To Increased Conversions

See how we helped one long-time customer give their website a modern update while suiting their business needs.

Modern Website Redesign For Liberty Home Mortgage 

How a Website redesign pulled everything together.

The Goal

Liberty Home Mortgage had a website we’d been building and investing in for years. SEO work and custom pages allowed customers to access information easily. These valuable assets were all brought to their potential by an overall website redesign.

Liberty Home Mortgage Website Before and After Website Redesign

The Strategy + Results

Using larger images and cleaner lines, Alt Media made a standout website that helps customers get what they need from Liberty Home Mortgage. A more modern feel and a simplified home page helped to make this website stand out, and led to increased conversions.

Mortgage websites come in many shapes and sizes, but Alt Media always makes a website stand out. The website’s design is easy to navigate and approachable, which is helpful for borrowers as they try to decide what mortgage lender is best.

From high quality educational videos and FAQs, to a simple mortgage application built right into the website, we helped Liberty Home Mortgage stand out among the crowd of mortgage lenders. Alt Media made a customizable website, building out many specific pages to make the website work for Liberty Home Mortgage.

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