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PPC Ads Campaign Improves Online Presence and Boosts Offline Leads For Luxury Furniture Company

Learn how the PPC experts at Alt Media Studios worked with a client to customize advertising campaigns and achieve greater reach.

Learn how the PPC experts at Alt Media Studios worked with a client to customize advertising campaigns and achieve greater reach.

The Goal

Our client, a luxury Italian furniture store owner, has a natural know-how when it comes to running a successful business. Their focus is in-person visits to their expansive showroom, but before that ever happens, they need to get their site and their products in front of the right eyes online. While this client knew a lot about traditional advertising they also knew that they needed to partner with a pro to get the very best results. The pay-per-click advertising team at Alt Media Studios was ready to help this client achieve their goals and expand their reach.

The Strategy

Our team worked hand in hand with our client to determine the right images and keywords to feature in their online ads. Google search and display ads both seemed to hit the right target: bringing up results at the top of a search page and also showing luxury Italian furniture through Google's display network. The products our client offers are made for visuals, and so we also used social media marketing to our advantage on platforms that cater to images–Pinterest, Facebook, and Zillow.

Ads for our client were tailored to their specific objectives and goals, centered around brand awareness and generating leads that would ultimately drive people to their showroom. As a Google partner, we had a full suite of ad options to work with–search, display, callouts, lead forms, keyword tracking, phone call reporting, remarketing and more. The aim was to target our client's ideal customers and give them a visual sample of the products and services our client offers. Once they had a general feel for our client’s brand, our goal was to prompt them to respond with a conversion action (invite them to click, call, submit a form, etc.). While some businesses are looking for online sales as a result of ads, our client was looking for leads to personally follow up on.

The Results

Google Ads were running smoothly, we had the right images and keywords in place, and things were grooving along. Thanks to our careful monitoring we were then able to fine tune campaigns with tweaks and edits to further improve results. Our detailed monthly reporting enabled our client to stay up-to-date on how their ad campaigns were performing. If they felt changes were in order they could make those requests or ask questions and we’d quickly respond and make any needed adjustments.

After some hard work and intensive communication with our client, we made real, measurable progress. And the engagement we were able to generate was impressive. In just one month’s time, Google Ads yielded:

  • 8.69% interaction rate
  • 5.92% click-through rate
  • 106 total conversions

For the same time period, Pinterest ads achieved:

  • 105,026 total reach
  • 2.77% engagement rate
  • 1.94% click-through rate
  • 10 conversions

Once parameters were set and the ads were running for some time, the algorithm got even smarter. Campaign results improved, as is generally true once things get into a groove. This can be seen in the following six months, comparing the results of the first three to the last three. For three separate search and display Google Ads campaigns that we ran, we saw combined results of:

  • 208.76% total increase in impressions
  • 194.03% total increase in interactions
  • 600% total increase in conversions

Yes, these stats are exceptional. This is really excellent performance across the board for an ad campaign. And though results can vary for every reporting period and every customer, in each case the data points we are able to gather always hold value. Knowing what works (and what doesn’t!) guides future campaigns and informs marketing decisions. 

Our client was thrilled with these results, and so were we! It always feels good when things work how they should, both with client communication and marketing efforts. We were also grateful that our client knew what they wanted to invest in and that, at the same time, they were communicative and so willing to work with us.

The Takeaway

The value of effective communication can’t be overstated and can build a strong sense of trust–it’s definitely part of what made these ad campaigns so effective. And that’s absolutely invaluable when it comes to getting the most out of marketing efforts. We should also highlight that our client didn’t lose any control here. Instead, with our help, they were able to harness and leverage the data we collected to better guide their digital marketing strategy going forward. 

Another vital point to glean is that you don’t have to focus on ecommerce to utilize online advertising. Our client is all about the in-person experience, but in order to get their luxury goods in front of potential customers, they have to play ball in the digital marketing arena. By using highly selective methods, we can concentrate our efforts to generate quality leads for every sort of company. We work to find your potential customers online, and then you have the ability to follow up how you see fit.

Here’s something else we want all of our current and potential clients to know: the plans and strategies we recommend aren’t made on a whim–they’re supported by research, data collection, and analysis. When a client understands that, they know that they can trust us, and they take our suggestions seriously. That’s refreshing, but it’s also practical and in the client’s best interest, because things can move along at a quicker pace. 

Partners for Marketing Success 

Do you work with a digital advertising agency that has robust capabilities, but is also willing to break things down for you? Is your digital marketing team ready to get to know your needs and goals, or are they locked into their own perspective? It’s time to break that mold. 

We know that running online ads is new territory for many, and that it can be scary to try something new. But that fear shouldn’t lead to paralysis. With a trusted expert by your side, you can succeed and move your business to new heights.

At AMST we exist because of you. Our job is to make possible what you don’t have time to handle while you’re running things and taking care of your business. If you’re looking for a trustworthy marketing agency and folks who really understand digital advertising, you can stop the search–we’re right here. Get in touch with our team to learn more about all the services we offer and how we can help you grow.

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