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Advantages of Paid Online Advertising

While you may have a great business and a great website, you might not be appearing in the Google search results as highly as you'd like. Find out how Alt Media Studios can help your business using paid online advertising.

You have a business and you have a website and everything is looking good. With high hopes, you type a couple of keywords related to your business into Google and your website doesn’t pop up – until page 21 in the search results. When you type in the name of your business it still doesn’t pop up.

You are now wondering why your listing isn’t one of the ones at the top of the page. Well the answer is – they paid for that. Sure, search engines use an algorithm to find you based on the keywords put in the search engine, but they also give you the opportunity to better position yourself in the search results. Could you do that yourself? Yes, but it’s a complex and time consuming task that should be left to the experts if you want results at the lowest cost to your business.

That’s where Alt Media Studios can help you.


We can bring you results because Pay-Per-Click (PPC) isn’t just about getting your business at the top of the search engine list. PPC advertising can also make you a sponsored listing. Yes, you could be one of the banners on the sidebar of a web page. Or you could pop up on the sites a potential customer visits as they surf the web, a gentle reminder that you exist. 

PPC advertising gets you many benefits:

  • Optimal placement on search engine results pages
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Immediate traffic
  • Quality traffic that converts to sales
  • Control over your ads
  • Measurable results
  • Test marketing ability
  • Better cost return benefit than traditional marketing


The internet is brimming with creative ways to drive your business. You have PPC, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Local Ads, Mobile Ads, Social Media Ads and more.  This is where Alt Media Studios can do what you can’t. We have the tools to analyze the traffic and create a marketing campaign that makes sense for your business. You are looking for measurable results and we can deliver that for you. 


With Affiliate Ads, a particular website that you contract with provides purchase-point click-through to the merchant ads. You give the affiliate site a percentage of the revenue from the ads on their site. If they don’t generate any conversions for you, you don’t pay them anything. 


With Pay-Per-Click ads you bid on keywords (the search terms your customers use). If you win the bid, you get a high placement for your ads. Of course, it isn’t just the highest bidder Google cares about. They also evaluate your campaigns to determine their relevance to the keywords and the audience you are targeting. It also checks your landing pages to see if they are useful to your customers. All of these factors then roll into how much Google charges you when your ads are clicked.


Mobile Ads appear on smartphones and tablets. Research indicates that people are increasingly using their phones for what used to be desktop work. This is a market you can’t afford to lose out on.


Display ads are those boxes that appear on the top of web pages or in the areas devoted to paid advertising. They can be text ads, interactive, video or image ads. They are clearly ads and are designed for quick conversions.


Local ads appear only in specific geographic locations. You don’t want to pay for advertising where you don’t sell your product. These ads target specific areas and appear only to those who could potentially become your customers.


These ads provide more detailed information about your products such as the product name, your company name, an image and the price. These are an excellent choice for an e-Commerce business. The ads show up on Google when your product is searched. It even shows up on their shopping portal.


Do not forget these. Post videos about your business or your product to YouTube. Ensure you have a presence on LinkedIn which is for business networking. And of course, there is Facebook. Demographics drives the placement of targeted ads that reach your specific audience.

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