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Case Study: Seamless Website Redesign with No Downtime and Consistent Client Portal Access

Our client, Sunrise Springs Water, needed an updated website but was worried about downtime. Learn how we made it happen for them.

How We Created A Custom Web Design for Sunrise Springs Water, Without Major Downtime

Sunrise Springs Water needed an updated website without affecting their client portal and without a lengthy interruption in website access. Keep reading to learn how AMST checked all the boxes.

Web Design Services for a Cleveland Water Supply and Treatment Company

Alt Media Studios website design professionals redesigned and restructured the client’s website while addressing their specific needs and requests. 


The Goal

Sunrise Springs-a water bottling, distributing, and treatment company in Northeast Ohio-wanted to improve their website design and make the site easier to access for mobile users. At the same time, they didn’t want to experience downtime or compromise their current clients’ access to their online account portal.

The Strategy

Sunrise Springs has a small-town vibe and is proud of their local roots and loyal clientele. They came to us because they needed help to jazz up their website for a more modern, sleek appearance. We wanted to keep the new web design simple and straightforward so that current and future clients could easily find what they were looking for, from any device. We settled on a similar aesthetic with a more harmonious design. At the same time, we needed to employ all our tech powers to keep their site up and running, and their client portal accessible.

To realize these goals our web design team knew they would need to make significant updates to the site’s homepage, simplify the general layout of each page, and improve the quality of images featured on the site. They also aimed for better product descriptions and looked for ways to improve existing content wherever possible.

The Results

Our goal with Sunrise Springs’ web design project was to update and streamline website layout and content while improving overall visual appeal. We did that. They wanted this done without any negative effects on the everyday use of their site. We honored that request too, and the client couldn’t be happier. Our collective expertise and frank communication with our client allowed us to fully understand their needs and then achieve the goals that they’d had for several years. It was an all-around win for our client, and for theirs!

If you’re contemplating a web redesign but are worried about website downtime or compromising your clients’ access to vital account information, think again–all you need to do is partner with the right expert! At AMST our team is well-equipped to handle whatever web design situation you have going on. We’ll find a way forward and deliver a stellar result. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

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