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We Doubled the Number Of Organic Search Queries Ranking In the Top 10 On Google in One Month!

I Don’t Want to Wait Long for SEO to Take Effect

The question on everyone's mind is "how long will SEO take before I see results?", and it's true that a rise in organic search can take months.

We have been doing SEO for search rankings for the customer in this story since January 2015. They had about 1,400 total website sessions from users located in their targeted geographic region during the entire year of 2018. They knew they wanted to improve their website visibility and reach even more potential customers. But how could they get their website seen among all the others out there without having to wait even longer for SEO to take effect?

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Paid Ads Ranking Effects Don’t Last, Right?

We suggested paid advertising. Now, you might be saying, that’s not going to help with their organic ranking, so the effects won’t last, and that is probably what we would have said a couple years ago, but we’ve learned that it is wrong to think that way. In fact, we have ranking data to prove it.

What We Found Out

In the month before we launched ads on Google, our customer’s website averaged top 10 results in Google for just 46 different search queries according to our data from Google Search Console. In the month that we launched their ads, that number more than doubled to 98 different search queries! Those are organic results, not paid.

We doubled our customers search queries that were ranking on the first page of Google in one month!

Our customer's search queries ranking in the top 10 on Google doubled in one month!

They also received over 400 website visits from people in their targeted geographic region during the month we launched their ads. That is about 30% of all the traffic they received during an entire year, so 4 times better than what they were receiving with SEO alone.

We increased our customer's website traffic to four times better than they were receiving with SEO alone.
Our customer's website sessions from their targeted geographic region from July 2018 - December 2018


Sounds Too Good to Be True? It’s Not!

So, how is that possible? One factor is that ads help get your brand name and information out to the masses. People who have never heard of your business can learn about it through ads when they search for your services, or while they are browsing different sites, watching videos on YouTube, or playing mobile games on their phone. We can target ads to people who have shown an interest in the services you offer, in your competitors, or just people in a certain geographic region, and make sure they know about you. Once people see your ads and learn about your business, they are more likely to search for information about it, which leads to improved organic results.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip These Huge Traffic Boosts

If you aren’t running ads on Google, you’re missing out on a whole host of benefits, including improving your organic search results, huge boosts to traffic to your website, and the potential for finding new customers instead of waiting for them to find you.

Make It Easier for Potential Customers To Find You

Start using Google Ads today and get a $150 credit for ads for creating a new ads account with us. Your business deserves the boost!


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