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Case Study: Branding Redesign and A Modern, Practical Website for a Northeast Ohio Medical Provider

Discover how a Northeast Ohio medical provider transformed its online presence with a comprehensive branding redesign and a modern, user-friendly website, setting a new standard for patient engagement and streamlined communication.

Our client was looking for an updated website, logo, and a way to more effectively track online forms. This is how we got there.

The Goal

Our client recently brought a new office manager on board, and she immediately knew that their website needed a major overhaul. This was a team of highly skilled doctors, but the website was outdated and didn’t represent them well. It also wasn’t serving some practical needs. A website redesign could solve those problems. We also needed to build in a more streamlined way for patients and potential employees to submit online forms and applications.

Lastly, our client wanted us to design a new logo, one that conveyed the essence of what they do: offer top-notch, specialized renal care to patients. 

The Strategy

The client provided us with some example websites for inspiration on design, layout, color, and content, but they didn’t have a solid opinion on what they wanted. Only one thing was for sure–a kidney had to feature in the logo. Beyond that, they trusted our team to come up with a design and color scheme. Our brilliant web developers and graphic designers took that data and used their know-how to create just what the client was looking for–a modern, crisp logo with an inviting color scheme.

To make this happen, we had to be in constant communication with the client. Our contact was great at getting back to us and offering feedback. She made the process easy, and she served as the go-between for us and the medical providers. Their input was critical for the project to move forward, but they were busy and had strictly scheduled meeting times to review progress and jointly come to important decisions. We needed to communicate quickly and efficiently so that they had the ability to easily review information. 

The Results

Thanks to our contact, we received regular updates and input and were able to keep the project moving forward. We happily adjusted our schedule to meet our customer where they were, adapting to their busy, demanding schedule. Once we had all the content we needed, we launched the newly designed, super-functional site and shiny, new logo. And they loved it! In fact, the logo was such a hit that it will soon be gracing new signage that the client is having installed outside of their office. 

The Takeaway

The project went really well, and everyone was thrilled with the results! The project deadline was fluid as we implemented new design requests from our client, and there was a good give and take between our team and theirs. Timing targets moved around a bit, since we were working with busy professionals who were running a successful practice. We were happy to adjust our time table to accommodate our client, and they appreciated the flexibility.

Now, we’ve just gotta say this–sometimes it pays to work with a digital marketing agency who can handle everything! When a company takes the time and makes the effort to specialize in every aspect of digital marketing–from photography, video marketing and graphic design, to social media marketing, content writing and more–they’re essentially a one-stop shop. That built-in convenience and efficiency is going to yield more consistent branding and a smoother experience overall, as was the case here. 

If you find you’re too busy running your business and living your life to dedicate time and effort to building your dream website, don’t stress! When it comes to brand design and web development, there’s always room to grow. Make sure you have an expert on your team when you’re ready to take the next step. If the time is right to make your next move, reach out to AMST to learn how we can handle every aspect of your digital marketing plan. Let’s get you growing!

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