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How We Achieved a 3x Increase in Ecommerce Results for a Customer

Looking for similar ecommerce results? Shopify can be considered user-friendly, but it's more cost-effective when set up and managed by Alt Media Studios - SEO & Shopify experts.

AMST is proud to provide our services to an industry leader in high-end car audio equipment and accessories, including subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, batteries, and installation products. They have carefully engineered their products specifically for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. Consequently, they have dominated the car audio competition circuit in the past several decades. Let’s take a look at what we were able to do for this client’s website that got them a 3x increase in ecommerce results!

What Was the Goal?

Our client has a full fledged Shopify website so they can conduct ecommerce efficiently. Shopify is a content management system that allows you to do ecommerce and empowers you to take orders or put products up for sale easily, so obviously the goal is to drive more potential customers to the client’s website to increase their sales. This starts with search engine optimization, or SEO. In May of 2023, AMST began working to improve their website’s presence in search results. While the length of time that it takes a website to see results from SEO work can vary widely, we made the most of the time we had to work with and arranged a plan to help the client see significant Shopify results on their website. 

What We Did

We were able to write and upload meta-tags, or snippets of text that describe the page’s content, for all of the website’s existing pages. We also wrote alt text, which is descriptive text that conveys the meaning and context of a visual item, for each of the website's images. Meta-tags are important to SEO because they are the first thing a user sees when a link to the site appears in search results, thereby giving them an idea of whether or not they’ve found the product or service they are looking for. Additionally, alt text is also useful to the online presence of a site by providing context to search engine crawlers that help them determine where to rank your pictures in image search results.

The Results

In 6 months, we revisited the results of our efforts, and here’s what we found:

  • The average ranking position of the site jumped from 24.9 to 20.2, moving up almost 5 spots!
  • The number of impressions for the site has increased from the previous month by 40,142 extra impressions. Also, the number of impressions recorded for last month is higher than what was recorded for the same month last year by 146,118 impressions (over 73% increase)!
  • The homepage of the site received an average of 150 daily clicks between 9/21/23 - 9/23/23, over 158% increase from the client’s usual daily average of clicks. 

The Takeaway

The rapid improvement of this client’s website in such a short amount of time with some simple tweaks to their Shopify website indicates that our efforts were not only successful but that this is just the beginning of the growth this client can experience in years to come. We at AMST as well as the client are thrilled with these results. We can’t wait to watch them continue to thrive!

Looking for similar ecommerce results? Shopify can be considered user-friendly, but it's more cost-effective when set up and managed by a developer/digital marketing agency. Our team ensures you get the best of both worlds - the most custom Shopify experience at the most cost-effective price. So reach out to the experts at Alt Media Studios today! 


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