Case Study: Increasing Conversions and Organic Search Traffic for a New Law Firm

How the experts at Alt Media Studios customized a client’s Google Ad services and used content to improve site traffic.

The Goal

Family attorney Cara Santosuosso left a firm to start her own: CLS Law. Since she was trying to gain traction and build her client base, she knew she needed to get Google Ads up and running. She also knew the value of relevant, keyword-rich content, but she was so busy with establishing her new firm that her ideas just never made it into blog articles. The AMST team aimed to increase traffic to her newly built site (yep, we’re web developers too!) through a more targeted ad campaign, paired with the development of an informational blog section. We wanted to create a resource- and keyword-rich section on her site, full of solid articles and well-researched copy.

The Strategy

Our client at CLS Law had already started a Google Ads Smart campaign, but when we took over her Ads account we converted it into a custom campaign right away. This allowed our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising specialists more control. In reviewing keywords our team found that there were some very important ones missing. After presenting data to the client, she agreed. With more powerful keywords in the mix AMST’s PPC team could then work to improve location targeting and fine-tune bidding strategies. Regular reviews allowed us to consistently work at optimizing her ad campaign.

We also employed our content marketing skills to develop robust articles for a newly formed blog section on her website. We worked closely with our client to determine topics that would best address her target audience’s concerns and questions. We also tapped into trending topics and focused on her areas of expertise when developing content. 

The Results

After a few months of work, and plenty of communication with our client, we had eight blog articles on her site. Her Google Ads were running smoothly and constantly being tweaked for optimal targeting. But it’s in the numbers where the real accomplishments are revealed.

We were able to achieve increases of:

  • over 700% in conversions 
  • over 500% in conversion rate 
  • 128% in organic search traffic 

Our client is very happy with the increase in lead volume that she's getting and can clearly see in our monthly reporting that the changes we made to her PPC efforts are working. She’s also thrilled that the ideas she wanted to get down on paper are finally up on her site in blog form for potential and existing clients to peruse. Our dedicated efforts with Google Ads and regular content updates were central to these incredible results.

The Takeaway

Every business is different, with their own sets of goals, challenges, and their own ideal audience. A skilled digital marketing agency knows this and is composed of a diverse team that can meet those needs as they arise. Hey there, we’re Alt Media Studios, and you’re speaking our language.

Our content marketing professionals ensure that written content in blogs, newsletters, emails, and more stay true to your brand with the goal of engaging your clients. We put in the time to research topics and draw from your expertise when drafting articles. Our PPC specialists have a deep knowledge of how Google Ads work and how to target a campaign for the best outcome. 

It’s pretty clear–a solid marketing strategy includes countless moving parts, and that calls for a one-stop agency with a culture of collaboration. That’s who we are, and it’s what you need to move business forward. Get in touch today to discuss your next project, inquire about our PPC or content marketing services, and check out some of the results we’re getting for our clients. If you’re ready for case-study worthy stats from your next marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out. Get to know our team and see how we can help you tell your story.

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