Case Study: Dalad Group

Dalad Group, a large real estate developer, needed a digital marketing makeover for a few of their projects. Learn the results in this series of articles.

Websites, Social Media, Advertising and More for Dalad Group

How Alt Media Studios worked with a real estate developer and their clients to build comprehensive digital marketing plans from the ground up.


The Goal

Dalad Group developed three residential properties over several years that needed individualized digital marketing plans––The CreswellWorthington Yards, and Tinnerman Lofts. They wanted to work with the Alt Media team to handle each property’s respective digital marketing needs, from building websites and running ad campaigns to managing social media accounts.

The Strategy

We knew that we needed to get a feel for the properties before we could ace the designs, so several Alt Media team members bought out time for on-site visits during construction. Armed with first-hand knowledge, we could then make sure that the properties’ websites and social presence reflected what they were working so hard to accomplish. Because the client had realistic expectations and a clear budget, we could make the best use of available resources. 

The Results

In every case, we gave Dalad Group reps ample time and personal attention. They loved our efforts, were great to work with, and one project led to another. At the end of the day, Alt Media Studios was able to deliver modern, interactive websites and drastically increase site traffic across the board, improving both organic and paid search results.

With a full report of Google Ads efforts for each project we handled for Dalad Group, we could analyze how what the client was spending on digital marketing was affecting their revenue. The biggest takeaway on that front is that if money is invested in ads, the digital marketing agency handling them had better be able to understand, translate, and use results to inform marketing efforts going forward. Spending cash without meaningful data to back it up or justify the cost doesn’t make sense.

If you need a website build or redesign, social media management, paid advertising efforts, or spot-on branding, Alt Media can tackle it all.


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