Case Study: Worthington Yards

Worthington Yards, in downtown Cleveland, Ohio needed a website and social media presence that reflected the luxury apartment’s cool, urban vibe. See how we took care of their social media.


Case Study: Luxury City Apartment Website and Brand Building

Worthington Yards, in downtown Cleveland, Ohio needed a website and social media presence that reflected the luxury apartment’s cool, urban vibe. 

The Goal

Dalad Group, the real estate developer behind Worthington Yards, needed Alt Media to design and build a website, run a Google Ads campaign, and establish a social media presence in anticipation of the project’s completion. The client wanted to build a buzz on social channels and also advertise availability. And of course the various platforms needed to fit with the project’s trendy, up-and-coming aesthetic.

The Results

The client was easy to work with and made communication feel natural. That openness meant that Alt Media Studios team members were able to make on-site visits during the construction project. We captured the process and promoted it online, and after the initial site build we redesigned the website to better fit the client’s goals. All the while we ran Google Ads campaigns and worked at building and maintaining interest on social media.

Within just a few months, we increased site visitors to almost 3.5 times previous levels. The best part? The majority of all these new visitors were brought to our client’s site through organic search, with paid search results coming in at a close second.

Thanks to Alt Media’s ability to capture, translate, and summarize key data points, we could work with our client to make informed digital marketing decisions. And because of communication and customer service, we could meet our client where they were and help them grow. 

Worthington Yards and Dalad Group had realistic expectations and knew that paid advertising efforts would be limited––once the spots were full, that was that. But all the time spent and data gleaned could also help inform future marketing. 

If you’d like to work with a digital marketing agency that has all the bases covered and an eye on the future, get with us at Alt Media Studios. We’re ready to help you grow!


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