Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce breakfast event

Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce

This month Alt Media Studios joined the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce to help raise awareness of our certified Google partnership to businesses in the area. This way they know they have a local Google Partner who can help them with their online business and marketing needs. Our 1st meeting was a great chance to get to know other members.

Yesterday, Jason Huckeba and I attended the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce breakfast at 700 Beta Banquet & Conference Center. Panera was there to cater the breakfast with well over 50 in attendance. The session was called to order during the chatter of everyone meeting and conversing, there was plenty of enthusiastic conversations in the room! The chairman opened with a few introductory comments, and he made sure to greet new members (which included our company). Next he introduced attorney Jennifer Corso of Petronzio Schneier Co., LPA who gave the presentation 'Be the Boss'. She began discussing challenges common to most businesses, so everyone was engaged from the start because we could all relate to the issues she described such as personality conflicts.

A few of the things that were discussed that I especially appreciated included the need to create job descriptions as a small business owner if you have employees. This would be particularly helpful when having reviews with your employees and make it easier to clearly define what is expected from your staff. Additionally, Jennifer brought out a few more helpful tips, including:

  • If you "mess up, fess up; then clean up, and move on"...
  • Always share credit as a business owner with your staff. Nothing breeds resentment more than stealing praise for work you did not do on your own.
  • There is no problem with flipping the switch when it comes to making known your expectations with your employees as you grow.
  • Inventing positions for relatives or close friends does not benefit you or them in the long run.

These were just a few points I appreciated. The notes from the meeting will be available shortly.

The invitation to the event can be found here.

Here are a few photos from the event!

Jennifer during the 'Be The Boss' presentation.

Plenty of members were present, great audience engagement as well during the Q&A session.

The Chamber valued everyone's feedback and we filled out their review sheet.

There are upcoming events held by the HRCC which will help with B2B marketing. One of these is the Business Expo on May 4th from 3-7pm. Details for this event are found here. Alt Media Studios, your local certified Google Partner, will be there with a table. We hope you can come, please stop by and see us!

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