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Case Study: Building A Tremendous Site Traffic Increase For A Family Law Firm

Learn how the team at Alt Media Studios used SEO and content writing to get impressive results.

The Goal

You know this client–we’ve discussed their successes in the past. After we took over their paid ad account and started drafting content for their website, our client, a family attorney, saw tremendous results, with increased site traffic and skyrocketing conversion rates. Fast forward a year or so, and we were still working steadily to boost exposure and land our client some new business. Our focus was on fine-tuning SEO efforts and using that data to then craft blogs to supplement the handful of original articles we’d written thus far. The end goal was to get more eyes on our client’s site. We wanted to provide relevant content so that when people searched for answers about family law and child custody matters in Ohio, they landed on our client’s website (the one our web developers built!).

The Strategy

To get our client the wider exposure and response she was looking for, we employed the ol’ one-two punch of improved SEO efforts and targeted original content. These two aspects of digital marketing truly go hand in hand. Our SEO experts track down the words and phrases that potential clients are searching for. Then the content writing team uses these terms and topic suggestions to build custom content that answers the internet’s most commonly asked questions on a given subject that falls within the client’s specialty: family law.

How did we tackle this project at Alt Media? We developed monthly blog articles based on data supplied by the SEO team that would best address our client’s target audience while also tapping into trending topics and playing into their areas of expertise. Once we had timely, relevant blog subjects, we did in-depth research to ensure that we told the whole story and presented a holistic picture of the topic at hand. When a draft was finalized on our end, the client reviewed it, we implemented any necessary edits, and it was posted to their site. (Our client is a stickler for accuracy, and we were happy to oblige.) During this time we also developed additional content for new services pages. All this content made their site more informative, but it also peppered key words and phrases throughout the articles in a natural way that search engines can recognize. All these combined efforts led us to some truly impressive results.

The Results

Let’s just start by saying that consistency pays off, and ongoing work over time has definitely paid off for this client specifically. In addition to their original amazing results, we’ve reached new heights of online exposure and engagement. Back in 2021 and early 2022, we were thrilled to boost online site visitors from 132 to 301. These days, our sights are set far higher. 

Comparing the same 6 month period in 2022 and 2023, our efforts yielded:

  • 303.83% increase in site visitors (8,432 vs 2,088)
  • 289.4% increase in site visits (10,031 vs 2,576)
  • 268.64% increase in engaged site visits (5,360 vs. 1,454)
  • 13.57% increase in engagement (52 vs 46.30 seconds)
  • 211.86% increase in events (43,196 vs 13,851)

And here’s the whopper that really got us excited: 1,438.9% increase in site traffic resulting from organic searches. Wait, what?! That’s right–all that well-researched content featuring key SEO terms is doing the work for our client and we couldn’t be happier with that result. We, in turn, can use those numbers to clearly make out which topics mattered most to site visitors and apply that data to future endeavors.

We also tracked phone calls and form submissions to better understand how visitors are engaging with our client’s website. So far, we’ve seen some additional conversions. We continue to work with our client to better target their ideal audience and provide the content that they’re looking for. We’ve gone from eight blogs to a couple dozen and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. Our client is thrilled with the results of our work and especially loves that we’re able to put into words the blog articles they’re just too busy to write. 

The Takeaway

While we’re still working on engagement rate and conversions, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the results we’ve achieved for our client in the past year. The numbers really bring home how important it is for every business out there to partner with a digital marketing agency that is committed to the long haul. Growth is always happening, but it can take a while to get a foothold, to see the explosive uptick like this client experienced. All the while, having a solid digital marketing team working behind the scenes to ensure that your website is gaining traction and exposure is priceless. It frees business owners up to focus on what they do best, which in the end, helps the overall cause. You do you, we’ll do us. 

Every business has its own set of goals, challenges, and its own ideal audience. It takes a skilled digital marketing agency to know how to tailor efforts to make the most of what every client offers. That’s our M.O. here at Alt Media Studios. From written content marketing in blogs, newsletters, emails, and more, our professional writers ensure that when you communicate to your audience, your message stays true to your brand, with an eye always set on engagement. Count on us for to-the-letter research paired with a customized voice that lets your business shine through. Our SEO specialists know their stuff too, and go to great lengths to provide up-to-the-minute data and trending topics to fuel customized content. 

And that’s not even mentioning our skilled graphic designers, pay-per-click advertising specialists, or videographers. When our forces combine, you have a stellar digital marketing campaign that will yield your own case-study worthy stats. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate–reach out today! We can’t wait to tell your story.

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