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Handling Negative Reviews

Recently a NY woman is being sued by her doctor for posting a negative review. What lessons can be drawn from this situation?

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how to handle negative reviews

A New York woman, Michelle Levine, is being sued by her gynecologist for posting a negative review on the office's Yelp page. It had to do with what she felt were unnecessary tests performed. The full article can be found among other places here... read the article >>

So what can be learned from Ms. Levine's experience? Should you be afraid of posting a negative experience if you're not a satisfied customer? Alternatively, if you are a business owner with a social presence online, do you need to take down your Facebook, Google My Business or Yelp pages in fear of getting a bad review? 


This is entirely up to you. Remember that whatever you post is like permanent marker. Once it's there, it's there for all to see. We seldom think about the snowball effect that posting online has to others. It's always better to be gracious if possible and give people or companies the benefit of the doubt. That doesn't mean not bringing up your negative experience, but is it really necessary to give the company a one-star rating if you've only been to that establishment one time? 


The answer to this is absolutely not. Don't be afraid to have a social presence for your business. People need to know how to find you. With the increasing need for quick information, having an up to date business address on social (i.e., Google My Business) helps potential customers map out their route to your location. If you have an accurate social page, they can also call you with ease or email you as well. 


Many times our customers ask us how can they remove these. The answer is: while there are ways to report abuse, it may be that you can handle it differently. You can, for example, keep the negative review and just respond to it professionally. Remember your response is not just to them, it's to everyone. Acknowledge the concern, apologize if and where necessary, and then do what you can to encourage the reviewer to let you make things right.

However, if you really feel like the review was unfair, what can you do? 

In the case of the situation posted in the news at the link above, perhaps there could have been better communication between the parties directly. If there is a meeting of the minds and both parties are open to agreement, most of the time escalation can be diffused. 

There's always going to be one in the crowd that is a Debbie Downer. Others will come to your aid. You can always talk to your regulars and encourage them to review you. Positive reviews will bury the negative one, especially over time. 

This may sound good to you and agree it makes sense. However as a business owner your main concern is keeping your business running. Your web presence and social media unfortunately needs to take a back seat due to your lack of time or expertise managing that aspect. You are not alone! This is the #1 concern of business owners we talk to. We can help. 

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