Google Partners Connect: Video event

Google Partners Connect: Video

Videos are an integral feature of branding and promoting your business. Here are some principal takeaways from our Google Partners Connect livestream event today!


Videos matter! This was the gist of today's Google Partners Connect event that we hosted on behalf of Google in our area. What were some highlights from today's event? Notice the following: 

After an emotionally appealing series of videos presented at the outset of the presentation, the livestream went on to provide helpful tips when it comes to integrating video into your online business presence. 

The first step to reach your audience is to understand them and to reach them at moments that matter. You need to recognize that critical timing and schedule that outreach accordingly. Google has new signals, so YouTube has built new and improved targeting. These new signals include 1) Life Events and 2) Consumer Patterns. 

When it comes to developing a strategy for targeting, there are two complementary approaches: 

  1. Intent to Interest
  2. Interest to Intent

The next speaker in the presentation discussed targeting CPA bidding which was announced today. Best practices include Timing & Budget, Targeting, and "Watch Outs". 

The recommendation was 50 conversions per week on YouTube. If YouTube is set up in the same CID as search or GDN (Google Display Network), it will not get credit for conversion if the user clicks on the ad on search or display after watching the video. 

After that, there was a discussion of 3 keys to make video drive performance. The presentation concluded with the normal Q&A session where Partner members from around the country were able to tweet their questions into @GooglePartners. 

Alt Media Studios is a full service digital marketing agency. We have an internal videographer along with all the tools needed to promote your business on Google search and YouTube. Contact us today for a discussion of your options and how we can best help bring life to your website and social presence! 

We want to give a special thanks to LaunchHouse, where we had our first Google Partners Connect event at their location today. Here are some images from the event! 

LaunchHouse's conference room was a great size for us to host the crowd that came to enjoy the presentation in comfort. 

Tori the Golden Retreiver gleaned much from the event and is hoping nearby pet stores contact Alt Media for their video needs. 

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