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Google Partners Connect Event: Theme - Mobile

Today's Google Partners Connect event hosted by Alt Media Studios saw our biggest turnout yet! The importance of mobile websites and mobile advertisements was the main topic. Why so important?

Watch here for a replay of the broadcast from Google's HQ in Mountain View, CA!

Alt Media Studios enjoyed the best turnout yet for this event highlighting the importance of mobile advertising for your business. Here is a brief recap of what was discussed and our takeaways from the event. 

A new landmark was reached in that more than 50% of all traffic comes from smartphones and mobile devices. 

Google Attribution is a product that will be rolled out in 2018. We enjoyed a preview during the event and here are some quick benefits of the product.

  1. Easy to set up via Google Analytics
  2. Enables tracking across channels
  3. Enables tracking across devices
  4. Clear 'take action' feature

Speed thrills and friction kills! 1 in 5 are dissatisfied and will never visit a website again if they have an initial negative experience with it. Every second in load time counts! Test your website's load time with this URL:

Other tools include Lighthouse (a Chrome extension) and Chrome Developer Tools (available in Chrome browser)

Remember perception vs. reality when it comes to your experience and a first-time visitor experience to your website. 

  • Your experience is different because you usually go to a cached site, it is connected to WiFi, and you have a 4G LTE connection. 
  • Your customers' experience can be quite different because they may be viewing your site for the first time, they may not be on WiFi, and they also may be on a 3G connection. 

The framework for a faster mobile site experience is much like moving into a new apartment. It is a much faster process if: 

  • You can unpack the essentials first
  • Arrange for fewer trips between the moving van and the apartment
  • The boxes are well packed to reduce using additional boxes

The Google presenters also introduced AMP. Check out and for more information regarding this product. 

Finally, the presenters encouraged all those in attendance, all those viewing the video, to get the help you need from a Google Partner (i.e., Alt Media Studios). We are here to help! Contact us anytime regarding your digital marketing and mobile website and advertising needs. 


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