Alt Media Studios team hosts Grow With Google July 2019 event

Get Productive with Digital Tools

Today's Grow With Google event focused on using digital tools to help organize, manage their time, collaborate with others and more. The featured tools can be useful for everyone, from parents and teachers to job seekers and business owners.

Today's Grow With Google event was unique in that it may have seemed that you've heard this all before. Some of it may even have seemed a little elementary and basic, but with most things in life or in business, many of what we take in are reminders and not necessarily new. In addition, with these reminders there is always something you can take away. What did those in attendance for today's event take away from the presentation? 

Check out this digital tool from Google, it is free and includes video tutorials on how to get more organized with Google.

Have you considered performing a job search using Google?

I'm always looking to improve the way I call products by their correct name. Today I learned that an alternate name for the "Google Apps" menu on the top right of your desktop screen is also called the "Rubik's Cube" by industry experts at Google. 

Did you also know there's a feature in Google Docs where you can pull old versions you've written? 

There's always something you can take away from being present at our Google events. Feel free to watch the livestream presentation below and enjoy! 


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