Editing the code of a website

Do I have full editing capabilities for my website?

Frequently asked questions about the access and editing capabilities you have with your website.


At Alt Media Studios we specialize in affordable custom websites tailored to your business’ needs. A unique custom website ensures that your site has the exact functionality and user experience you and your customers need and allows your business to stand out from the crowd, to grow and adapt with your business, and to make full use of search engine optimization practices, to name just a few outstanding benefits.

Our web development team can also build a Content Management System (CMS) into your website so that you can easily make edits and add fresh content as needed; a fantastic solution for company news updates, blogs, adding new products, and more. However, even if you choose to include a CMS in your website design some parts of your website will remain inaccessible through the CMS and can only be edited via the site code used to build your website. Even though you do not have access to the site code, we are happy to help make any changes you may need to these sections of your site. Along with the design and hosting of your website we offer 30 minutes of support time each month at no extra cost, which is usually enough time for us to make updates to areas that you don’t have access to.

Why are certain areas of my website not in the CMS? Our websites are setup to allow you to easily edit areas of your site that need editing and updating on a regular basis. These are the sections you’ll find in the CMS. Other sections of your website are more complex and don’t usually require changes after your site is built, and these are the sections of your site that our team of developers can change for you if and when edits are needed. These changes are done using site code.

Why don’t I have access to the site code? Allowing multiple parties to work on the same set of code can cause several issues, a simple case of “too many cooks in the kitchen”. While most websites are written using popular coding languages such as PHP, every development team uses different methods and procedures to get their websites working. Problems can arise if our local files for your website fall out of sync with any files kept off-site, and figuring out what changes were made and how they work could take hours. At Alt Media Studios our development team has worked together for years and knows exactly what is needed to keep your website secure, responsive, and formatted correctly. We are here for you as partners to ensure that your site runs smoothly. If we don’t manage your code fully, we are unable to do that.

I’d like to manage my website code myself, or have somebody else I know do it. We enjoy the on-going business relationship that comes with managing your website and ensuring your satisfaction. If you prefer to manage your own code we would be happy to simply host your website without managing it for you. By choosing to manage your own files you assume responsibility for keeping your website running. The 30 minutes of support time each month from our team would no longer apply.

What if 30 minutes per month isn’t enough for the changes I need to make? Good news! Our Digital Marketing packages range from 2 hours/month to 32 hours/month or more, and you have the option of using that time for any website updates you need to have made. Included in our Digital Marketing packages is Search Engine Optimization with the aim of helping your website rank well on search engines for targeted phrases.

You can learn more about our Digital Marketing packages here.

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