HOLA Ohio, non profit organization whose website was rebuilt by Alt Media Studios, a Cleveland digital marketing agency

Web Design Agency Builds New Website With Ticket Sales And Donation Payment For Nonprofit

How the Alt Media Studios team worked with an Ohio nonprofit to build a new website that hit the right notes.

How the Alt Media Studios team worked with an Ohio nonprofit to build a new website that hit the right notes.

The Goal

HOLA Ohio–an award-winning, 501c3 nonprofit that offers programs and services to Hispanic Ohioans–had a lot of great things going on, but their website didn’t fully reflect the special work they were doing in the community. They came to Alt Media Studios with the goal of a new, up-to-date website. They wanted it to look great, but didn’t have any solid direction. Our goal was to key in to their preferences and build a site that would be more modern, but also true to their story.

The Strategy

Our contact didn’t have any idea where to start (totally normal!), or what they wanted to see on their shiny, new website. Our digital marketing team stepped in with well-thought out, leading questions to narrow the focus and pin down their preferences. After we had what we needed, our web developers got to work. But instead of spending months building out a fresh, new site, they spent just a few weeks building a mockup–a digital model of what the new website would look like. 

Why a mockup instead of an entire site build on the front end? Some clients find it easier to trust the process when they have a visual to reference. A mockup is also useful when there isn’t a clear design plan from the get-go, like was true here. The clarity that a mockup can bring to the design and site-building process puts everyone on the same page. That can even mean that a project sees less back-and-forth and less downtime from start to approval. A mockup isn’t a given, but it’s a valuable tool in our web development arsenal.

The Results

The expert team at AMST delivered–after just a few months and limited amount of edits, HOLA Ohio had a beautiful new website that would allow them to further their reach and their cause. Thanks to our effective communication early in the process and quick turnaround on the site mockup, we were able to transform our client’s preferences into design elements that effectively told their story and offered site visitors a great user experience. We were also able to incorporate some special features, like event listings, tickets sales, and donation collection.

The Changes

We were ready to roll with the fab new site, but internal changes in the client’s management put us in touch with a new contact, and they had major changes.

Our new contact had a clearer vision of what they wanted to see on their website, and we jumped into action to accommodate their wishes. In the end, the new site isn’t the same as it was, and it also doesn't match our mockup. And that’s ok. Because the real win here is that our client benefited from our skill and flexibility while still having the final say. They’re happy with their improved website, and we’re happy to know that.

The Takeaway

When you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that will take your vague ideas and turn them into concrete concepts, you need a seasoned pro. When you have very clear direction but need someone else to implement your ideas, you need a skilled web developer. If you’ve started working on your website using an available platform (like Shopify), but can’t bring it to completion, you want a partner who can help you realize your goals. Alt Media Studios is that partner, that web developer, that seasoned pro. 

From initial kickoff discussions to ongoing adjustments as your company grows and evolves, we’re listening to you, every step of the way. At AMST we never forget that your website isn’t about us and our opinions–it’s about you, your business, your clients, and your preferences. We’re happy to offer experience-informed suggestions and more than willing to create dynamic mockups, but we never forget that the final decision rests with you. Ours is a client-driven endeavor, and we love the collaboration that results. We purposely designed our process to be flexible so we can handle any site build, from fully customized web design to template work. You can confidently rely on our expertise knowing that we’ll always respect your decisions.

So, you know you need a new website, but you don’t know where to start? That’s ok, we do! Need to change your mind? That’s ok too. Get in touch with the AMST team to learn how seamless custom web design can be. Let’s take your business to the next level.

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