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Sea-Land Chemical Co.

We recently redesigned a website for Sea-Land Chemical Co. with responsive features, that redirects their old domain to their new website!

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Redirect from United Kingdom to United StatesWe're proud to announce a new accomplishment for our web design team: our first redirect from a extension! Sea-Land Chemical Co. is a large company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio but has locations in Canada, and the United Kingdom. Therefore one of the domains they own has a extension. In order to provide a better experience for their clients, they wanted to combine their domains so that all of their company information would be on one website.  Thus, future traffic from their site was redirected to the .com page for the European branch, which will help their customers in Europe to be able to find the company's information. We are glad to add Sea-Land Chemical Co. to our website design portfolio and that we can connect people all over the world to the information they need.

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