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Prime Permits Custom Web Application Development Case Study

Prime Permits needed a personalized, streamlined way to issue online permits to truck drivers. Read on for the results.

How we Built a Custom Web App for Prime Permits

Prime Permits needed a personalized, streamlined way to issue online permits to truck drivers. Read on for the results.

Custom Web App Development Project for a Permit Agency

Alt Media Studios web app developers worked hand-in-hand with the client to meet specific needs while effectively and securely managing data.

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The Goal

Prime Permits, an online permit agency for truck drivers (particularly ones that deliver oversized loads), needed a custom-built web app to make it easier for customers to purchase permits for transporting loads across the US and Canada.

The Strategy

Prime Permits’ business model is simple: supply truck drivers with permits so they can keep loads moving across the country. But to achieve that goal, they need to gather data about the load such as weight, size, and truck and trailer configuration. Each state has its own regulations, so we needed to work with Prime Permits to compile the correct pieces of information, depending on a trucker’s route.

The web app development team at Alt Media spent a lot of time communicating with the client to get a solid grasp on their goals surrounding both customers’ and administrators’ experience. Designing a top-notch web app is a Goldilocks situation––both too much and not enough data makes it hard to use. Alt Media aimed for the just-right amount of data to streamline the permit process for everyone involved. This meant collecting what was necessary for processing, but would also make for easier future orders and provide a way to track use. We also needed to build in information verification to cut down on entry mistakes and include options for the secure storage of payment information.

Custom Web Application Design for Prime Permits

The Results

The permitting agency now has a custom-built web application that serves their specific needs and helps to keep their clients on the road, both safely and legally. Because of Alt Media’s diverse capabilities and good communication with the client, we were able to build in an array of features tailored to our client’s needs using a single-page design concept. Overall user experience was optimized and future modifications will be easy. The agency is happy with their new web application and is aiming for continued growth.


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