Website emergency

Emergency Website Rebuild

We were able to redeem an expired domain and rebuild a website in one day!

K. N. Inc. has been an importer of the best and most exclusive Japanese products for over 15 years. They allowed the domain and hosting of their website to expire on accident and contacted us to help them get it back up and running.

Website emergency? Alt Media Studios can help.

We assisted them in redeeming their domain and were able to use, an internet archive known as The Wayback Machine, to locate their old website. The Wayback Machine enabled us to see how their old website looked, even though their live site was down, and using that information we were able to rebuild their site in ONE day!

If the domain and hosting of your website has lapsed, or you face a different problem regarding your website, all hope is not lost! Contact us and speak to our experts, we'd love the opportunity to help you!

Test out The Wayback Machine on your favorite websites here!


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