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Case Study: New Responsive Website With Built-in Employment Form And Custom Calculator

This client wanted to update their original outdated website. Alt Media suggested an overhaul and moved the site toward some powerful updates.

Custom Web Development for Kottler Metal

How form design led to a website overhaul for a competitive website design.

The Goal

Kottler Metal is a leader in the pipe, tube, and structural steel bending industry. They work in everything from ornamental to structural metal and have provided precise, reliable metal bending products since 1915 and around the globe.

Kottler asked us to build an employment form in order to make applications to their company smoother and more efficient. As a metal works company, they also had some need to redesign their website in order to highlight some of the complex and competitive work they do. Their website needed to reflect that they are on the front end of their industry.

The Strategy

Alt Media came in with ideas and the ability to make those ideas a reality. The original site was outdated, and the client was looking to update a form. Alt Media suggested an overhaul of the website, and moved the site toward some powerful updates:

Building a Better Form

  • Employment Form is now easy to fill out on the user's end
  • Form drops responses into easy-to-read sheet for the company
  • Optimized for mobile viewing

Custom Coded Calculator

  • A measurements calculator embedded in the site
  • Instant results make it easy to use

Graphic Design Elements Incorporated

  • Images that highlight metal bending
  • Videos that highlight metalwork

The Results

A clean, easy-to-use website that looks great on any device was the result of Kottler partnering with Alt Media. Taking their old website and making it new was a collaborative and fruitful process. A new website became a reality more quickly than if the company had tried to build it on their own.

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