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Case Study: Multi-Platform Social Media Marketing Campaign Brings Over 30% Increase In Followers

Otero Homes was looking to improve brand awareness and deepen their local reach on social media. Keep reading for the full story of how we managed their social media.

Otero Homes was looking to improve brand awareness and deepen their local reach on social media. Keep reading for the full story.

How We Created a Robust Social Media Presence for Otero Homes


Otero Homes’ team was looking to outsource this expanded social media work. Their talents are in high demand and they are focused on meeting customers’ needs, so the resources needed to achieve their social media goals just weren't available in house. Alt Media social media marketing pros stepped up and worked along with the client to orchestrate and deliver impressive results.

The Goal

Otero Homes, a Northeast Ohio luxury custom home builder, is a long-time Alt Media client. We’ve done a number of things for them over the years, but in 2021 they wanted to expand their social media efforts and increase brand awareness. The key detail is that they wanted to stay local with both their social media outreach and their business.

The Strategy

When Otero Homes came to us for help, they already had plenty of photography assets to share, and we planned to take advantage of what was available. In order to best showcase their beautiful work, share company news, and explain the unique services they offer, presenting high quality visuals was a priority. We then highlighted their work using various social media and online platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. As a digital marketing client, we ensure they receive regular social media account management, content strategy, and SEO services.

The Results

Otero Homes came to us looking for a skilled partner who they could trust would help them to accomplish their goals. And that’s just what we delivered. In just one year Otero Homes’ social media efforts yielded some big numbers in a quarterly comparison:

Social Media Growth



Increase in followers

Google Business Profile


Increase in views



Increase in followers; Top post reached 1,141 people



Increase in followers

  • Facebook – 36.34% increase in followers
  • Google Business Profile – 57% increase in views
  • Instagram – 31.63% increase in followers; Top post reached 1,141 people
  • Pinterest – 91% increase in impressions; 99.71% increase in engagement; 96.58% increase in total audience; 97.49% increase in an engaged audience
  • LinkedIn – 34.35% increase in followers

Pinterest Growth

91% increase in impressions


99.71% increase in engagement


96.58% increase in total audience


97.49% increase in an engaged audience


Those year-over-year numbers pretty much speak for themselves. Let’s just say that Otero Homes’ team was thrilled with the results. But more than that, they were so grateful for our attention to their wants and needs and our skillful wielding of the tools we had at our disposal.


Next time you’re looking for a professional to handle your social media needs, be sure that they can do the same. If the folks at Alt Media Studios sound like your social media marketing dream team, reach out to learn more and discuss your goals.

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