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Case Study: Improve Conversion Rate Optimization Using Blog Posts

Blogs may not be the key to conversions. However, small adjustments can alter the flow of traffic dramatically. See how the changes we made resulted in a 75% increase in blog pageviews.

How using blogs effectively can improve your marketing

The Goal

Alt Media studios worked with Andy’s Auto Wash to create blog posts and increase traffic to those blog posts on their website. The goal was to educate visitors and encourage them to invest in their services. They also hoped to establish themselves as a knowledgeable source of information in their field so visitors might return to their site.

The Strategy

Sometimes the best strategy is the simplest strategy. For this project, the three most recent blog posts were added as links to the bottom of every blog post.

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The thought behind the strategy is this: blogs are not the key to conversions. However, small adjustments can alter the flow of traffic dramatically. For this project, we looked at blogs that have resulted in conversions in the past and made them more accessible and appealing.

The Results

Comparing May 11 (when the links were published) to November 1 with the previous period, Alt Media found:

  • 75% increased pageviews of blog pages
  • 50% increase in time spent on blog pages
  • 78% more visitors to blog pages converted

Putting the linked article previews at the bottom encouraged visitors to spend more time on the site and view Andy’s Auto Wash as a reliable source of information. The increased conversion rates enforced the effectiveness of this simple strategy.

If you want a website that attracts customers and encourages engagement, consider Alt Media Studios. From content creating, to increasing traffic, to optimizing conversion rates, Alt Media Studios is here to provide the best digital marketing for your company.

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