Case Study: How CRO Can Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

See how Alt Media was able to help Cleveland Bee Removal improve their click-through-rate (CRO).

The Goals

In doing digital marketing work for Cleveland Bee Removal, Alt Media wanted to help make converting easier for customers (CRO), better organize site content so it was easy to find, and offer more education on common questions the client had to answer over and over on the phone. 

The Strategy

By simplifying site navigation from 11 links to 6 Alt Media was able to organize information better. By thinking about customer needs, Alt Media determined the site should be arranged by pest types, since Cleveland Bee Removal’s work is very seasonal, and there are often different pests targeted in each season. The pest type pages were supplemented by extra videos and blog post links in order to help customers get the information they need. 


The Results

These changes resulted in some big improvements.

  • Blog page visits increased by 94% 
  • Site visitors spent on average double the amount of time on the blog pages
  • Bounce rates on those pages decreased 32% 
  • Conversion rate in sessions with visits to the blog post increased 472%  
  • Conversions in sessions with visits to blog posts increased 1500%. 


If your site has supplemental content like blogs, Alt Media can make it accessible, and optimize it for conversions by using it to inform, entertain, or persuade to actions that help your business. Contact us to talk about CRO, content marketing, digital marketing, or website development!


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