Example of bad kerning in graphic design using words "I couldn't kern less"

What is Kerning? Why to Avoid Bad Kerning In Your Ads

Bad kerning ruins good ads! Don't be a #designfail this year.


Have you ever looked at an ad and been completely distracted by the error you noticed? Bad color choices, hard to read type, a blurry image, or maybe some weird spacing between the letters? After all the time and attention put into making this ad that's supposed to impress potential customers nothing could be worse than a glaring design error that sticks out like a sore thumb. Think anyone's going to take your ad seriously when it has such a bad design?



Don't fall victim to bad design, but let a professional (like us!) create the perfect digital or print ad for you.

avoid bad kerning in graphic design

What is Kerning & How to AVOID BAD KERNING

This month's #designfail to avoid: bad kerning. Kerning is the spacing between each individual letter. Most of the time our fonts do a good job of taking care of the kerning, but sometimes there's a letter here or there that looks too close or too far away from the one next to it. The kerning for that letter needs to be fixed so visually the spacing between each letter looks correct. But sometimes people go overboard with kerning and end up with letters way too close together or too far apart. The result is a mess of letters that can be hard to read and completely distracting from the point of the ad. Don't let bad kerning happen to your ads!

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