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SEO Tips to Place Your Website on Top in Search Results

Alt Media Studios brings you SEO pro tips to help rank your website on top in search results.

If you're running an online business, you know that your website has to be found by search engines. Businesses should take search engine optimization seriously if they want their websites to rank high in search engine results. When done properly, SEO presents a channel that helps bring new business opportunities. However, it may take time, but the effort is worth it. Alt Media Studios brings you SEO pro tips to help rank your website on top in search results.


Marketers and website owners should look at what keywords customers use when they do a search in search engines. Determine what customers will, for example, type in Google when looking to buy a product or service you sell. Any successful SEO campaign is based on keywords people are using to find products they want to buy. Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google that helps you find out the volume of searches a particular keyword attracts. For instance, you can tell if "Cleveland plumbing" has more searches than "Cleveland plumber".

Even with the volume of searches a particular keyword derives, it is important to look at the intent of typing that keyword into Google instead of focusing on the volume. For example, people searching the keyword "Cleveland plumbing" may not all be looking to hire a plumber. However, it is likely that most of the people who search the keyword "Cleveland plumber" are looking for a plumber.


Content is part and parcel of a good SEO strategy, so when you have identified the keywords, look at questions that customers may have regarding your brand or product and try to create content, which answers those questions. You will find that FAQ style of content tends to rank high in search engines. The reason is that frequently asked question type of content tries to answer questions that audiences may be seeking when they type in their query. If you answer questions audiences are asking, it is likely your site is going to rank well because search engines can match the answers with what they think the users are asking as portrayed in their query.


People seeking for professionals like plumbers will want to hire those near their locations. It's unlikely that a homeowner in Cleveland will look for a plumber in St. Louis. When a person in Cleveland does a search for "plumber" in Google, the first results are for local plumbers in Cleveland and thereafter, you will have review sites such as Yelp and Thumbtack showing up. So, by having your presence on Google My Business, it is going to allow your business to show up in the results for searches that people do. Better still, if you have positive reviews in review sites like Yelp, it enhances your presence in search results.

Using the best practices for SEO allows your business to start ranking high in organic search results. However, while you may do the simple SEO by yourself, sometimes, it takes the knowledge of professionals to execute a successful and longstanding search engine optimization campaign. The above mentioned tips can help your business get ranked on top. The SEO analysts at Alt Media Studios can help make your business be found by search engines and customers.

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