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Mobile Sites and Your Marketing Strategy

Ever since April of 2015, Google has been pushing for site owners to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. This has required an adjustment in the way we analyze marketing data. Read more here...

Yesterday, an excellent article came out from Think With Google that showed the ever-increasing importance of mobile-friendly websites. Here are some highlights:

1) People interact with their phones an average of 13 times per hour, and 79% of consumers use their phones to research, but only 10% of purchases are on a mobile device.

2) 60% of ads that consumers identified as being influential in making a purchase were viewed on a mobile device

3) A consumer journey is nonlinear and has gaps in the data. Mobile use has changed the game of traffic and goal conversion, and changes the marketing game. However, with careful planning and advertising, challenges can be overcome and sales can grow for your business on mobile.

Alt Media Studios is equipped and ready to help you with your Digital Marketing and Google AdWord campaign needs. We know how to strategize and not only make sure your website is mobile friendly but also how to market to your target audience at the right times and in the right way! Give us a call or email to discuss your business needs!

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