How to Get More from Your Digital Advertising

How to Get More from Your Advertising

Get More from Your Digital Advertising

Remember that time you made an incredible digital campaign, launched it, but then you were like, “Now What?”  Yeah, we remember that time too.  Read on to learn how to rock your next digital campaign. 

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Give Your Campaign a Goal

Not sure what kind of goals a campaign should have? Ask yourself: What’s our marketing objective (MO) for this ad campaign?

  • Lead Generation?

  • Online Sales?

  • Offline Sales?

  • Mobile Growth?

What metric (key performance indicator or KPI) do we need to improve to make our MO? 

Voila! Your campaign goal is the value the KPI has to hit for the campaign to be a success!

Useful Campaign Goals Are: Quantifiable, Incremental, and Viable

  • Quantifiable: results you can clearly measure.
  • Incremental: results that go beyond what you would typically get without any ad spend.
  • Commercially Viable: Gives a positive return on investment. 

Know Your Customer’s Worth

To set a target for your Cost per acquisition (CPA) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), you need to know your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

  • CLV – A customer’s value over a specific timeframe. 
  • CPA – The amount it costs to acquire new customers. Set a target CPA that allows for an appropriate financial return when compared to your CLV.
  • ROAS – Tells you the revenue returned for every dollar of ad spend invested in your campaign. 

Eager to start a campaign with your newfound knowledge but not sure where to start?  Click here to learn how paid advertising works, or here for more information on creating campaign goals with Google Ads. And be sure to come back to our handy blog for more tips on getting the most from your digital marketing!

But now that you’re duly impressed with our knowledge and helpfulness, why not let us help you directly? As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we can help you take your marketing campaigns from think tank infancy to full-on conversion greatness.  Even better, we’ll manage all the tracking and analytics in-between. 

Improving Your Digital Presence is an Adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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