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Website Redesign for Zimon LLC

March 15, 2018

Zimon LLC has almost three decades of experience providing their clients with a broad range of services in the ERISA and Employee Benefits and Compensation area of law. The founder, Jeff Zimon, advises clients on all aspects of employee benefits, and benefits disputes and litigation.

Zimon LLC's old website was built using Wordpress, a website creation tool that is popular with many businesses for it's 'ease of use'. However, Zimon LLC's website was hacked creating a nightmare for the company and it's customers. This is not a one-off for web template systems like WordPress, they're known for being targets for hackers and it happens with alarming frequency!

Besides the hack, which rendered the website unusable, the original design was not mobile friendly.

Alt Media Studios redesigned Zimon LLC's website with a fresh look, mobile friendly design, and a Content Management System (CMS) that is just as easy to use as WordPress claims theirs to be. We also offer training videos and superb customer service for customers who need help using the custom CMS on their website. And best of all, since our websites are custom built, they are very secure!

Visit their new website at to check out the improvements!

Company Location: Mayfield heights, Ohio

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