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New Website for NO-SQUITO

May 10, 2018

NO-SQUITO is a company in Northeast Ohio that specializes in ridding your yard of pesky mosquitoes and other bothersome pests on a one-time, or seasonal basis. NO-SQUITO didn't have a website and they reached out to Alt Media Studios for an affordable, custom built website.

The new site is mobile friendly and includes several features that facilitate ease of use and keep the page speed low. One such feature is the navigation, which responds to scrolling keeping the site easy to navigate even once a user has ventured further down the home page. The background video and other videos on the site are pulled from Vimeo rather than from our own servers and have been set up to load after more important components of the site. By setting the videos up this way we are able to keep page speeds low and avoid loss of visitors due to frustrating page load times.

Check out the new NO-SQUITO website at

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Company Location: Avon Lake, Ohio

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