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Why Should You Invest in Video Marketing?

We’re often asked whether video marketing is worth the investment and the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’, here’s why.

Video is the future, and really we mean now! With better data available almost everywhere making video so accessible, why limit yourself to traditional marketing? We’re often asked whether video marketing is worth the investment and the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’, here’s why.


If pictures say a thousand words then imagine what you can get across to your audience with video! In a social media setting videos capture the attention of your audience more than photos do, giving you the opportunity to show and say more than ever before. On Instagram, for example, videos receive twice as much engagement as photos. The same is true on your website. While written content is crucially important, and you could consider an article ‘engaging’, video takes things a step further,  engaging more of the senses and making it more likely that your brand will make a lasting impression. 

Video platforms also enable users to react to your videos so you can see what your followers enjoy and produce more of the content that they love. The comments section lets you hear critical feedback and allows you to carry on conversations with commenters. Interacting this way helps you build relationships with loyal customers and a trustworthy reputation.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so by publishing videos on YouTube you’re now discoverable on the top two search engines instead of just one. In other words, if you’re not making videos then you’re not being as visible as you could be and you’re missing out.

Worried that your target audience isn’t reachable on YouTube? Fear not! It’s not surprising that most millennials prefer YouTube over TV, but the fastest growing YouTube audience are users in the 35+ and 55+ age groups. So more likely than not, the audience you’re after is on YouTube, and if they’re not yet, they will be. And since only 9% of small businesses are currently using YouTube in their marketing strategy you have an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and make your business stand out even more.

Of course, YouTube isn’t the only place you’ll want to post your videos. 100 million hours of videos are watched every day on Facebook alone. Instagram allows you to post short and long video formats with the added benefit that brands experience 10x more engagement on Instagram than they do on Facebook. A wide range of demographics can be found on all social media platforms, making social media a valuable tool in your digital marketing strategy. Best of all, people share videos they enjoy with their friends. ‘Word of mouth’ becomes even more powerful when the message people are sharing are the words and images you’ve carefully crafted - clever you!


Videos aren’t just good for helping you branch out on other platforms, they’re good for your website too. Google likes video! The length of time people spend on your website is measured by Google and is known as “Session Duration”. It’s an important factor in where your website will rank in search results. Websites with longer session durations are deemed more valuable because it indicates that users are finding what they need and are satisfied with the website, whereas shorter visits or bounces imply issues with a website, or that a site wasn’t a fit for what the person was searching for. Embedding your videos on your site will keep your visitors there longer. You’ll be engaging customers and driving up the length of your session durations, signalling to Google that people find your website valuable.

If you’re wondering what kinds of videos you should consider for your website, we’ve got the answer here: What Kinds of Videos are Beneficial for Your Website?


Videos aren’t just useful for organic search, you can make your videos do even more work for you in the form of video ads. Now you can put your videos in front of the audience you want without them having to follow you on social media or finding you on YouTube first. Video ads have really taken off in the past few years and our customers have had great success with brand recognition campaigns and videos that demonstrate how their products work.


We are truly an all-in-one resource for your business’ online needs! We can help you produce a video from start to finish, and we’ll help you with all aspects of promoting your video once it’s ready, from adding it to your website, posting it to YouTube and social media, and incorporating it into your Ad campaigns. We’d love the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss how we can help you - contact us today!


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