Why Should I Have A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Why Should I Have A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design automatically adjusts the layout based on the device’s screen size (resolution), image size, and scripting abilities. This eliminates the need for a different web design and development phase for each new device released to the public. Mobile-friendly websites also take less time to load. Responsive web design that is simple and intuitive offers a visually pleasing, enjoyable encounter with your business. Why is this important?

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About Half Your Customers are Using Mobile Devices

Today, over 50% of all web browsing is done on a tablet or smartphone. That means about half of your customers are viewing your business’ website on mobile devices. Their mobile browsing experience can determine whether or not they will make a purchase and promote your business to others. A responsive website also allows you to reach a wider audience, since mobile-friendly sites naturally rank higher on Google Search results.


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