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How We Helped An Online Retailer Grow Ecommerce Sales Organically

How We Helped An Online Niche Retailer Grow Ecommerce Sales Organically

2020 saw a lot of growth for one of our long-time clients. This online retailer is a small family-owned business that has been selling a niche products for decades.

A recent rebranding and geographic expansion prompted them to bring us in to revamp their site and get those changes seen. We found novel ways to tweak settings and score higher sales stats. Now we want to dig into the context surrounding this company’s success. 

What strategies did we employ to boost sales?

How can a company use market trends to their advantage?

Read on to learn more about their organic growth, and how you can nurture similar success in your business.

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Mobile-Friendly, Online Product Sales

Ensuring that our client’s website was mobile-friendly and generally easy-to-use has made the biggest contribution to their growth. We knew from our data analysis that they had plenty of mobile visitors on their site. These folks just weren’t buying. 

Our client wasn’t sure, but they trusted us. And after we revamped the site it was the mobile purchases that became a driving force behind their year-over-year growth. Factoring in months of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) work and analysis, this online retailer scored a 136% increase in sales from organic search results paired with a major bump in conversion rates – lots of wins there. 

Clearly, partnering with a marketing professional who sees the forest but can focus on trees is key to optimizing every opportunity that presents itself.

Use a Website to Get Noticed

Our client sells products that are regionally specific and naturally attract a smaller audience. Once your business gets this niche, competition can be fierce. Since this retailer maintains a strictly online store, we knew that for them to grow, it would be vital that they stood far above competitors in their field. Amping up their website was the clear path forward.

They have genuinely great products and plenty of relevant content, so we set out to capitalize on their expertise by getting more potential customers’ eyes on their website and offerings. Our SEO and CRO work was able to achieve that for them, boosting their search rankings and helping site visitors become customers. The AMST team did extensive research and testing to ensure that our client’s website appealed to the widest audience possible, and we’re all happy with the results.

Businesses in Any NICHE Industry Need a Solid Online Presence

2020 saw significant growth in ecommerce sectors. Our continuous website optimization efforts enabled them to ride both these waves to greater sales. So when potential customers were searching for products and information, they found what they needed on our client’s site.

The moral here is that when you’re looking to grow your online presence, a basic website isn’t enough – most companies have one. What you really need is to partner with a marketing team that understands your industry and your clients. That deep knowledge comes from using the right tools and strategies and knowing where and how to look for reliable data. Working with someone who understands your goals and knows how to leverage technology to help you reach them is vital.

Key Takeaways For Online Niche Retailers

If there is an opportunity to move business online you should take that path – it’s where the growth is. And yet, while growth is great, it needs to be guided to be successful. So work with someone who can skillfully manage your online presence and use their years of experience to position your company right where you want it to be.

In your busy headspace, trying to manage online expansion can become just another burden that gets put on the backburner. We’d argue that it’s work best left to an expert. If you’re busy filling orders and fielding customers' questions, you’re right where you're supposed to be – putting your expertise to good use. And when we’re able to revamp websites, drive traffic, and boost sales, that’s precisely what we’re doing for our customers.

Strategize for Online Success

Here at Alt Media Studios we are focused on helping our clients harness their potential for growth. With powerful tools and the right strategies, we can always find opportunity. This takes diligent efforts and fine-tuned knowledge, and it’s what we offer our clients every day. So while we’re constantly working to better our services, we encourage you to take advantage of all we’ve come to learn. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you do better business online. We can’t wait to hear (and tell) your story.

Improving Your Digital Presence is an Adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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