A Digital Marketing Review Lead to an SEO Friendly Website

How an SEO Review Resulted in an SEO Friendly Website

Calkins Law Firm is based in Ohio and New York and specializes in business law with extensive international law experience. Calkins came to us for help primarily with their digital marketing efforts.

Website SEO Review

We reviewed Calkin's website and were able to identify areas where their SEO could be improved. The good news was that the website was full of excellent content. It was clear that they had put a lot of energy into building up their content however, it was not being presented properly on the website - it was buried too deep. Content is a key factor in a digital marketing strategy but it doesn’t do much good for visitors if they can’t find it. Another major issue was the site speed, their current website had a very high loading time. This was a particular concern because not only does a slow loading time affect Google rankings, it causes visitors to give up waiting on a website to load and continue searching elsewhere for what they need. The site also featured several call-to-action pop ups that were not user friendly at all. The challenges didn’t end there.

Template websites are NOT SEO Friendly!

Calkins had a very specific vision for their new site based off of a template they had found online. However, when we inspected the template it was clear that it was not mobile friendly. Some of the advanced features Calkins wanted on their site would only be available on the desktop version of that site template and would not apply to the mobile view making the mobile website look, well, pretty awful! Mobile friendliness is another ranking factor for websites, and since such a high percentage of searches and visits occur on mobile devices, we could not gloss over this and hope for the best.

Custom Websites are Best for SEO

As problematic as these issues were for Calkin’s digital marketing efforts, as custom website builders these challenges were no obstacle for Alt Media Studios! We rebuilt the entire Calkins site on our custom platform. We were able to design the new website the way they wanted it to look on desktop while still ensuring that the advanced features they needed worked on the mobile site as well. 

The fantastic content that Calkins had worked hard to accumulate included about 200 blog articles. We imported all of the blogs from their old website into the new site. While doing this we made to improve the search engine friendliness of each blog. We then made these valuable blogs easier for visitors to find by featuring them on the homepage.

With properly organized content, a mobile friendly web design, and vastly improved pagespeed, the new Calkins website is off to a good start. Calkin’s previous SEO companies had been reporting poorly on the site. Our aim is to improve reporting, as we do with all of our Digital Marketing customers so that they get a complete understanding of their progress.

You can visit the new Calkins website at www.calkinslawfirm.com.

A Digital Marketing Agency With a Difference

If there is a lesson to be learned here it has to do with the do-it-yourself template websites that are so popular. They might have the appearance of being all you need, and some even come with SEO features, but in the end they are missing a lot of important features that you just can’t get outside of custom web design. Many template site users like the idea of being able to update their website with up-to-the-minute changes and fear losing that ability. You’ll be pleased to know that besides being completely customizable, our websites can be built with a custom CMS that will enable you to edit your content, product pricing, and other key areas of your site so you'll be able to keep your site up-to-date any time you need.

A Digital Marketing Agency that also builds websites - that's a powerful combination. If you’d like us to evaluate your current website for SEO friendliness or you have a website challenge you’d like to pick our brains about, contact us today and we’ll let you know how we can help!


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