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Conversion Rate Optimization: Real Talk for Real Results

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When clients interact with a website – whether giving up or asking for information or making a purchase – that’s a conversion. Conversions can be seemingly minor at first, but one often builds on another. 

These are great metrics to track. Once visitors are on a site it’s vital to know what keeps them there, what they’re looking for, and what affects their purchasing habits. It’s also good to know what turns them off. This is how you grow.

If you’ve gone to the effort to get people’s eyes on your website, you’ll want to do all you can to keep them there and keep them engaged. 

Could your site be more MOBILE-FRIENDLY?

Does your website need a navigation revamp? 

Could you provide better information for site visitors? 

Whatever the case, every variable can be researched and altered. And that’s where conversion rate optimization comes in.

Meaningful, Measurable Test Results

How long does it take to get real-life results that can make an impact on your bottom line? After the work we’ve done we’d say that after three month’s time CRO tests should show a clear outcome that can be used to make tangible website changes

But this isn't the end of the road. Initial results will shift over time. And as customers change, trends move, and more folks visit your website, reassessment is vital – CRO testing is an ongoing effort. 

It’s also highly specific to each company, so blanket rules and standards do not apply. This data is hyperfocused on your company and customers. That’s why it’s so valuable to extract and the very best way to use available resources. 

Here’s why: it’s far less of an investment to nudge already-interested folks to pull the trigger and commit than it is to attract new site users. This is a chance to best utilize what’s already working and ramp up to further success.

Partnering for CRO Gain

Now that you know more about conversion rate optimization, testing is probably on your to-do list. Here’s our last piece of advice, and we mean it: work with a pro. Even the above-average business owner won’t have the combined marketing expertise, product knowledge, time and energy needed to successfully run a host of tests and extrapolate meaningful data. Add to that implementing results and strategizing for the future and need is crystallized. So if CRO sounds like a winning strategy, get with the experts at Alt Media Studios to learn more and discuss your goals.

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